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WilderTools — Season 9

WiderTools offer alternatives to building lag-intense XP farms, or grinding. Tools can be earned from weekly /vote rewards, the Ruby Crate (Ruby Dragon drops keys) and the WilderCoinShop, which uses WilderCoins.

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  • [Upgradable]
  • Legendary Weapon
    Level-up with use
  • Max Level: 6
  • Protection III-V
  • Protects like
    diamond armor
  • 3% chance free fuel
  • Luck I-IV
  • Catch Eyes of Teleport
  • Chance: 0.5%
  • Sift through the sand
  • Can drop dust
  • Use on dirt/gravel
  • Lumberjack's pal
  • Chops extra wood logs
  • Can also break leaves
  • Fortune III-V
  • For sheep and foliage
  • Good source of XP
  • Sharpness III-V
  • Drops mob heads
  • Chance: 0.2-0.3%
  • Fortune III-V
  • Harvest bonus food
  • Good source of XP
  • Haste/Regen/Damage
  • Gives beacon effects
  • Lasts 30-60 minutes
  • [Cannot be moved]
  • Keeps baddies away!
  • Consumes ores


New for Season 9

Completely overhauled this season, the all new WilderPick increases levels as you mine blocks with it. Only the most dedicated players will reach max level and mine 1,016,046 blocks by season end. Will you?

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WilderCrate — Season 9

Use a WilderCrate Key to unlock a random crate item that offer quality of life improvements, balanced with survival trade-offs and costs. These special items can be unlocked from the green WilderCrate at spawn.

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Trash Can
  • [Special Container]
  • Gone Forever!
  • Works with redstone, too!
Miners Helmet
  • Light while you mine
  • Light the Way!
  • Uses hotbar light blocks
Void Shulker
  • [Special Container]
  • Picks Up Items!
  • Place in hotbar
Bedrock Breaker
  • [Limited Use]
  • Breaks the Unbreakable!
  • Uses: 25
Blasting Pickaxe
  • Mine extra blocks
  • Consumes TNT
  • Watch out!
Spring Boots
  • High jump
  • Increases hunger
  • Hang time!
Fancy Pants
  • Flashy colored particles
  • Redstone/lapis/diamonds
  • Costs 1 gem per use
Farmers Vest
  • Harvest multiple crops
  • Costs extra seeds
  • [Set bonus]
Farmers Hat
  • Plant multiple crops
  • Increases hunger
  • [Set bonus]
Farmer's Trousers
  • Grow multiple crops
  • Costs 2x bonemeal
  • [Set bonus]
Ender Bow
  • Shoot to teleport
  • Costs 1 ender pearl
  • Travel in style!
Ancient Sapling
  • Grow a beautiful tree
  • Up to 32x32 blocks
  • 2-3x uses
  • Toss your friends
  • Weeeeeeee
  • Join a party chat
Feather Duster
  • Find ingots, etc
  • Destroys webs
  • 10% chance
Glass cleaner
  • Dye placed glass
  • (5% chance consume)
  • Requires off-hand wool
Bird whistle
  • Chirp chirp
  • 30 second cooldown
  • Make some noise
Heads Bundle
  • Place blocks anywhere
  • Decorate your place
  • Contains 5 special heads
Bottomless Bucket
  • Use anywhere
  • Infinite water source
  • Bucket never empties
Poffy's Yardstick
  • Use on two points
  • Measure between blocks
  • Upgrades coming...
Homesick Slime
  • Use on ground
  • Detects slime chunks
  • Limited quantity
  • Use on mob spawners
  • Drops a pig spawner
  • One-time use
Sword of Zeus 2.0
  • Use on all mobs
  • Strike lightning on hit
  • May backfire
Baby Animal Feed
  • Use on animals
  • Babies never grow up
  • One-time use
Farmer’s Footies
  • Wear when farming
  • Doesn’t damage crops
  • No enchantments
Phantom Juice
  • Use on self
  • Resets sleep timer
  • Increases appetite

Each season we add new items, remove some, and make adjustments to some favorites that may need rebalancing over time.
Here’s what changed this season: view changelog.

Featured WilderStore Items

Purchase ranks and items, or earn them in-game using /vote. We work hard to be a fair gameplay server — not pay-to-win!

Newest item: ♦ Diamond Supporter

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Pathfinder, Mythic and Ancient are our most-popular ranks!


WilderCrate Key

Unlocks 1 random WilderCrate Item from the chest at spawn.



Use coins to buy special heads and items at the WilderCoin shop in-game.