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These special items can be earned in-game from weekly /vote rewards, the Ruby Chest (requires a Ruby Key, which drops from the Ruby Dragon), and mini-games like Dungeon Run. WiderTools offer alternatives to building lag-intense XP farms, or grinding tasks over and over. Type /wildertools to see this list of items in-game.

  • Luck I-IV
  • Catch Eyes of Teleport
  • Chance: 0.5%
  • Sift through the sand
  • Can drop dust
  • Use on dirt/gravel
  • Lumberjack's pal
  • Chops extra wood logs
  • Can also break leaves
  • Fortune I-III
  • Smelts ores with coal
  • Uses coal: 40% chance
  • Haste/Regen/Damage
  • Gives beacon effects
  • Lasts 30-60 minutes
  • Protection III-V
  • Acts like diamond armor
  • Glitters in diamond dust
  • Fortune III-V
  • For sheep and foliage
  • Good source of XP
  • Sharpness III-V
  • Drops mob heads
  • Chance: 0.2-0.3%
  • Fortune III-V
  • Harvest bonus food
  • Good source of XP


These special items can be unlocked from the WilderCraft at spawn. Use a WilderCraft Key to unlock a random crate item that offer quality of life improvements, balanced with survival trade-offs and costs. Visit spawn to see this list of items in-game.

Heads Bundle
  • Place blocks anywhere
  • Decorate your place
  • Contains 5 special heads
Bottomless Bucket
  • Use anywhere
  • Infinite water source
  • Bucket never empties
Poffy's Yardstick
  • Use on two points
  • Measure between blocks
  • Upgrades coming...
Homesick Slime
  • Use on ground
  • Detects slime chunks
  • Limited quantity
  • Use on mob spawners
  • Drops a pig spawner
  • One-time use
Sword of Zeus
  • Use on all mobs
  • Strike lightning on hit
  • May backfire
Phantom Juice
  • Use on self
  • Resets sleep timer
  • Increases appetite
Butcher’s Axe
  • Use on some animals
  • Drops extra meats only
  • No leather/wool/etc
Calming Cake
  • Use on hostile mobs
  • Calms more than bees
  • May backfire
Baby Animal Feed
  • Use on animals
  • Babies never grow up
  • One-time use
Farmer’s Footies
  • Wear when farming
  • Doesn’t damage crops
  • No enchantments
Deep Diver
  • Wear underwater
  • Provides more oxygen
  • No enchantments

Season 8 Changelog

Each season we add new items, remove some, and make adjustments to some favorites that may need rebalancing over time.
Here’s what changed this season: view changelog.