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Sorry for the downtime and few extra reboots today, I've been doing a few updates this evening that should resolve many of the intermintent crashes we've been seeing this last several days. Thank you for your patience!

I'll be doing another round of maintenance this week and after that you should see a lot fewer interruptions.

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Happy New Year! 8 days ago
Hey friends, 2019 is here and we have much planned for the server in the coming year:
- Hardware improvements to reduce lag
- Some new vanilla tweaks, but not too many!
- New vote rewards coming soon
- A new event we're working on that involves a custom plugin, XP farm builders will want to watch for this one!

See you in the wilds.

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WilderSanta Results 15 days ago
This year I wanted to do something special for the WilderCraft community so I designed a custom plugin called WilderSanta. It's a random gift exchange that let anyone on the server participate.

Anyone was able to give a gift, you just needed a shulker box and 1 diamond block to spend, to participate. Simply fill a shulker box full of goodies of your choosing, hold the shulker in your hand and type "/giftwrap Along with a nice message to your random recipient..". Once you type the command, 1 diamond block is removed from your inventory along with the shulker box (stored for later, of course) while you listen to...

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Auto Restart 17 days ago
This has been a long time coming as the server can crash from time to time — as computers do! When that happens I'm not always around to re-launch the server from the command line — the most reliable method. So the last few days I've been working on a small script that checks the server for 10 minutes of downtime, and tries to auto start the WilderCraft game server when that happens.

Hopefully this means no more than 10 minutes downtime from a server crash in the middle of the night. While this rarely happens, it does on ocasion and it will be nice to reduce our max downtime from 4-12 hours down to 10 minutes!

See you in the wild.

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We just upgraded the WilderCraft website to run exclusively on HTTPS. This means any data you send or receive on our website is secure. This will help us setup a good foundation for the coming website improvements to the forum, leaderboards, player shops, etc.

Up next we are working on replacing the BuyCraft donation store with our own customized store with better integration into our website and game server.

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