1.21 Survival MineCraft

June 13, 2024 Update

New 1.21DungeonRun launch event Friday June 14th at 4pm EST. Total overhaul of the codebase, 10k lines of code refactored, new elite mobs, new rewards, new rooms. So much wow! Coming soon — a new 1.21 spawn and map!

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CozyCoyotesRocketRush (spawn/7) — 14.79936 min ago
LittleSmokey108Wordle win ramen—total:221 hours ago
Crested123GeckoRocketRush (spawn/7) — 11.6031 hours ago
Lostplayer1638RocketRush (spawn/7) — 17.6482 hours ago
angelic_whiskersRocketRush (spawn/7) — 12.5552 hours ago
CloudyDino3461Wordle win whine—total:454 hours ago
SawdustWordle win twixt—total:137 hours ago
xtenderaWordle win crick—total:88 hours ago
screamininjaRocketRush (spawn/7) — 28.96812 hours ago
yyorkwestWordle win crack—total:019 hours ago
LannyFWordle win gaunt—total:121 day ago
BoricStingray91RocketRush (spawn/7) — 11.4891 day ago
Captain_KaynRocketRush (spawn/7) — 69.7271 day ago
ChvekWordle win gawky—total:112 day ago
SaltyWhalesRocketRush (spawn/7) — 42.7512 day ago

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Why Play WilderCraft

Play alone, or find friends. We support multiple styles of fun for all players!

Fun Community
  • Creative, kind, and active
  • players to befriend.
Helpful Staff
  • Professional and fair,
  • we keep the peace.
Survival Plus
  • It's survival Minecraft,
  • with challenges and perks!
Earn your Items
  • Not pay-to-win,
  • progress is earned.
Friendly — No PvP
  • Cooperative play
  • keeps the trolls away.
Stats Ladder
  • Track your progress,
  • and compete.
  • Stealing and destroying
  • is against the rules.
It was the very first server I’ve ever played Minecraft. It’s such a consistent server, with great staff and community, that I’ve never even thought about trying another SMP server.


Purchase ranks and items or earn using vote. We work hard to be a fair gameplay server, not pay-to-win!

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Fairy, Dryad and Guardian are our most-popular ranks!


WilderCrate Key

Unlocks 1 random WilderCrate Item from the chest at spawn.



Use coins to buy special heads and items at the WilderCoin shop in-game.


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