1.20.4 Survival MineCraft

Feb 2024 Update

NewMatch5 now free to play; WilderStaff team is growing nicely; lots of bugfixes for WilderTools, Match5, Spawn. Coming this month — Shops release! Overhauling drops and fishing crates for WilderReel and greatly buffing XP to make it easier to level the reel! New WilderCrate items, too!.

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NaetrodamusWilderPick — Lvl: 155 hours ago
Lostplayer1638WilderSpade — Lvl: 1421 hours ago

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Why Play WilderCraft

Play alone, or find friends. We support multiple styles of fun for all players!

Fun Community
  • Creative, kind, and active
  • players to befriend.
Helpful Staff
  • Professional and fair,
  • we keep the peace.
Survival Plus
  • It's survival Minecraft,
  • with challenges and perks!
Earn your Items
  • Not pay-to-win,
  • progress is earned.
Friendly — No PvP
  • Cooperative play
  • keeps the trolls away.
Stats Ladder
  • Track your progress,
  • and compete.
  • Stealing and destroying
  • is against the rules.
It was the very first server I’ve ever played Minecraft. It’s such a consistent server, with great staff and community, that I’ve never even thought about trying another SMP server.


Purchase ranks and items or earn using vote. We work hard to be a fair gameplay server, not pay-to-win!

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Fairy, Dryad and Guardian are our most-popular ranks!


WilderCrate Key

Unlocks 1 random WilderCrate Item from the chest at spawn.



Use coins to buy special heads and items at the WilderCoin shop in-game.


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