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Friendly Survival MineCraft 1.18.2

The most friendly and active survival Minecraft server since 2016. Players feel safe, welcome, and treated fairly on WilderCraft.

How to Join

Try Unique Survival Gameplay

Earn ranks, trade using shops, and play fun survival mini-games for rewards. New features every month!

Earn Ranks

Gain permissions to teleport to others, set a home location, and more!

Type /ranks in-game

Open a Shop

Claim a plot and build a shop to trade in-game items with a chest + sign.

Simple player trade economy

Start Seasons Fresh

Nothing lasts forever. We reset worlds twice a year, a fresh start for everyone.

Season 10 Started July 30, 2021

Get Balanced Items

Special quality-of-life items, balanced with survival trade-offs.

Earn rewards or buy them

Challenge a Dragon

Our custom ender dragon is a unique challenge with great rewards!

Every Friday @ 7pm

Run a Dungeon

Battle through random puzzles, mobs and treasures to earn survival XP!

Survival mini-game

117,990 Players have joined WilderCraft!

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Why Play WilderCraft?

Play alone, or find friends. We support multiple styles of fun for all players!

Fun Community
  • Creative, kind, and active
  • players to befriend.
Helpful Staff
  • Friendly, professional, fair,
  • we keep the peace.
Survival Plus
  • It's survival Minecraft,
  • with challenges and perks!
Earn your Items
  • Not pay-to-win,
  • progress is earned.
Friendly — No PvP
  • Cooperative play
  • keeps the trolls away.
Stats Ladder
  • Track your solo progress,
  • and compete with others.
  • Stealing and destroying
  • is against the rules.
It was the very first server I’ve ever played Minecraft. It’s such a consistent server, with great staff and community, that I’ve never even thought about trying another SMP server.

How to Join: