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About Wilder​Craft

We’re a nature-themed mostly-vanilla survival Minecraft server, owned by a developer.

Let’s help each other build beautiful structures, useful farms and explore our world. Choose sites carefully as the surrounding environment should emphasize nature over the structure itself. WilderCraft is about making home with the landscape.

Dedicated & Friendly Community

Our players are kind, helpful, and into nature and trees — the spirit of WilderCraft is about helping each other build beautiful and interesting bases that are both functional as well as highlight and take inspiration from real life nature. We’re an active bunch — you’ll find players online at all hours of the day.

Unique Features

Vanilla-minded customizations — In the spirit of the vanilla Minecraft experience our enhancements are intented to be powerful but not overpowered. Most items have a cost per use, so items are not unlimited, and mindful of survival resources.

Climb the Ranks

Players can vote on various popular Minecraft server community websites to help raise our profile and attract new and interesting players. Votes are rewarded with items and ranks, which can also be purchased to help support Wildercraft, both to maintain the server and grow the community.

Player-Made Shops

Rules of Play

  1. Be Nice. We promptly ban toxic trolls, over 1,000 served.
  2. Create nature-themed builds that fit the landscape.
  3. Earn your items. Beg/cheat/hack/x-ray is against the survival spirit. Try the shops!
  4. Stealing or griefing someone’s unclaimed base isn’t nice.
  5. Keep chat civil. Skip spam & politics; make chat helpful, friendly and fun for everyone.

We love Minecraft.

WilderCraft Announcements...

Season 6 Begins in 2 Days

3 months ago

This Wednesday, July 3rd, at 1pm Eastern time, we'll open the doors to the brand new Season 6 worlds.

• New spawn was built in survival by our amazing build team and is absolutely beautiful and hidden with lovely details and nature-y goodness

• Brand new teleport system uses Eyes of Teleport instead of plain old Ender Pearls — more info about this soon but these items drop from select mobs as well as /vote rewards

• Shops are being upgraded and improved with new inventory management features, sold out notifications, and more

• Updated vote rewards

• New ladder categories

• And a few more goodies planned...

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Season 6 waiting for 1.14.1

4 months ago

So here we are one week later and basically every Minecraft server that has tried to upgrade to 1.14 wasn't able to do so due to game-breaking bugs introduced during final release. And so we wait for 1.14.1, which contains many crucial Minecraft bug fixes including these:
  • Chunk rendering is extremely slow and random (lag!!!)
  • Hostile mobs not despawning at 128+ blocks (lag!!!)
  • Server lighting still broken
  • The ender dragon flies in circles
  • Enderman AI causing high ms tick lag
  • Villager AI CPU at 100%, causes lag
Stay tuned for 1.14.1 and a fresh new Seas...

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New Season 6 Reset — Tonight @7pm Eastern

5 months ago

Come join the fun. We're doing the full season reset tonight and saying hello to a fresh 1.14 world. The build team has been hard at work on some lovely designs and I've been hard at work upgrading the server and preparing for all the new players. We hope to see you tonight, or anytime this Season 6.

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WilderHunt : Easter 2019

5 months ago

Like hide and seek?

Well good news, the Easter Bunny has hit WilderCraft and hidden eggs all around spawn.
If you find one of these eggs and left click on them some of them give you gifts.

See if you can be a master hunter in the leaderboard and find all of the eggs.

Some say its impossible to find all the eggs. I wonder what would happen if someone did?

Make sure to clear some room in your inventory and Happy Hunting from WilderCraft


G E ...

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New Server: The Expanse

6 months ago

Looking for a more vanilla experience? Join The Expanse!
The Expanse is a new server attached to WilderCraft and available via warp from /spawn.

- Walk everywhere! No /tp or /home or wildwarp
- Use resources wisely and make friends! The world is only 10k small
- No season reset (we'll see how long this map can go without ever resetting)
- Earn everything, no /vote or /donate rewards on The Expanse, no items cross-over
- Yes claims, protect your stuff!
- Yes shops, sell your stuff!
- Must be Pathfinder rank and up to join

Come to /spawn and find the new warp!

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