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About Wilder​Craft

We’re a nature-themed mostly-vanilla survival Minecraft server, owned by a developer.

Let’s help each other build beautiful structures, useful farms and explore our world. Choose sites carefully as the surrounding environment should emphasize nature over the structure itself. WilderCraft is about making home with the landscape.

Dedicated & Friendly Community

Our players are kind, helpful, and into nature and trees — the spirit of WilderCraft is about helping each other build beautiful and interesting bases that are both functional as well as highlight and take inspiration from real life nature. We’re an active bunch — you’ll find players online at all hours of the day.

Unique Features

Vanilla-minded customizations — In the spirit of the vanilla Minecraft experience our enhancements are intented to be powerful but not overpowered. Most items have a cost per use, so items are not unlimited, and mindful of survival resources.

Climb the Ranks

Players can vote on various popular Minecraft server community websites to help raise our profile and attract new and interesting players. Votes are rewarded with items and ranks, which can also be purchased to help support Wildercraft, both to maintain the server and grow the community.

Player-Made Shops

Rules of Play

  1. Be Nice. We promptly ban toxic trolls, over 1,000 served.
  2. Create nature-themed builds that fit the landscape.
  3. Earn your items. Beg/cheat/hack/x-ray is against the survival spirit. Try the shops!
  4. Stealing or griefing someone’s unclaimed base isn’t nice.
  5. Keep chat civil. Skip spam & politics; make chat helpful, friendly and fun for everyone.

We love Minecraft.

WilderCraft Announcements...

Join the WilderCraft Build Team

22 days ago

As a member of Build Team you will be expected to work with other builders to compromise, follow instructions and contribute with ideas as a part of a team. Being able to collaborate is as important as being a talented builder!

-> To apply: Please copy/paste this and submit a new post on the forum

How old are you? (All ages welcome)
Where are you located, City/Country? (All timezones welcome)
Current in-game rank? (Also how long have you been playing on the server?)
We need to be able to contact you outside of the forums, do you have a discord ID ...

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Season 8 Changelog

6 months ago

Each season we try hard to improve the WilderCraft survival experience. Reducing lag and increasing server capacity is a big focus, but so is adding new features, refining/balancing items like in WilderCrate and WilderTools, as well as removing features that didn't work out as planned.

Here's what changed this Season 8:


  • Butcher’s Axe: looting axe that drops meat only (use on cows, sheep, pigs and chickens)
  • Head Bundles: decorate your place with 5 unique heads (11 different bundles)
  • Phantom Juice: reset your sleep timer (costs 10 xp levels, increases hunger)
  • Calming Cake:...

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Season 8 Begins June 2

6 months ago

1. Large 40k world maps
, new survival worlds will be increased from 16k currently to 40k
2. New survival servers — Elm and Sequoia will be new to Season 8
3. The Ruby Island — Home of the Ruby Dragon, come explore new features that greatly influences the outcome and makes each Ruby Dragon battle unique
4. WilderTool Updates — new and updated Tools and WilderCrate Items for /vote and /donate rewards
5. Skyblock Server — Brand new gamemode with more customizatio...

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Season 7 is here!

12 months ago

Yesterday on December 13th we opened Season 7!
- 4 survival servers to choose from
- 1 unified /spawn to rule them all
- Zero lag
- Player shops
- Town warps
- Survival challenge games
- WilderCoins!
- And more

Details coming soon about the new season features. For now, come join the fun and experience zero lag!

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New Challenge Mini-Game: Survival Rush

about 1 year ago

Friends of past seasons may remember a game we created called Rush. Well, it's back!

What is Rush?
- Start in a new random world
- You have 90 minutes to obtain an elytra
- First to elytra wins the game and their player head!
- Killing the Ender Dragon is optional
- Endermen always drop pearls
- Some skeletons and zombies will spawn as an Enderperson, worth bonus pearls

How do you play the beta test?
- Visit /spawn and start a Rush for free, no keys needed (for now)

Why beta?
Because there will be some bugs and we want folks to expect to encounter them and expect us to update glitches, ex...

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