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About Wilder​Craft

We’re a nature-themed mostly-vanilla survival Minecraft server, owned by a developer.

Let’s help each other build beautiful structures, useful farms and explore our world. Choose sites carefully as the surrounding environment should emphasize nature over the structure itself. WilderCraft is about making home with the landscape.

Dedicated & Friendly Community

Our players are kind, helpful, and into nature and trees — the spirit of WilderCraft is about helping each other build beautiful and interesting bases that are both functional as well as highlight and take inspiration from real life nature. We’re an active bunch — you’ll find players online at all hours of the day.

Unique Features

Vanilla-minded customizations — In the spirit of the vanilla Minecraft experience our enhancements are intented to be powerful but not overpowered. Most items have a cost per use, so items are not unlimited, and mindful of survival resources.

Climb the Ranks

Players can vote on various popular Minecraft server community websites to help raise our profile and attract new and interesting players. Votes are rewarded with items and ranks, which can also be purchased to help support Wildercraft, both to maintain the server and grow the community.

Player-Made Shops

Rules of Play

  1. Be Nice. We promptly ban toxic trolls, over 1,000 served.
  2. Create nature-themed builds that fit the landscape.
  3. Earn your items. Beg/cheat/hack/x-ray is against the survival spirit. Try the shops!
  4. Stealing or griefing someone’s unclaimed base isn’t nice.
  5. Keep chat civil. Skip spam & politics; make chat helpful, friendly and fun for everyone.

We love Minecraft.

WilderCraft Announcements...

New Server: The Expanse

9 days ago

Looking for a more vanilla experience? Join The Expanse!
The Expanse is a new server attached to WilderCraft and available via warp from /spawn.

- Walk everywhere! No /tp or /home or wildwarp
- Use resources wisely and make friends! The world is only 10k small
- No season reset (we'll see how long this map can go without ever resetting)
- Earn everything, no /vote or /donate rewards on The Expanse, no items cross-over
- Yes claims, protect your stuff!
- Yes shops, sell your stuff!
- Must be Pathfinder rank and up to join

Come to /spawn and find the new warp!

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Join the Build Team

about 1 month ago

We're looking for folks who want to help shape the look of Spawn for the upcoming Season 6 as well as survival mini-games created by myself and the staff team.

To be a builder, you should:
- Have a love for nature and architecture
- Be organized in communicating your ideas
- Work well on a team of creative people
- Offer & receive constructive and positive feedback with others

1. Copy/paste this application
2. Create a new post on this forum — with your application and screenshots included

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Server Maintenance is Nearly Complete

2 months ago

Sorry for the downtime and few extra reboots today, I've been doing a few updates this evening that should resolve many of the intermintent crashes we've been seeing this last several days. Thank you for your patience!

I'll be doing another round of maintenance this week and after that you should see a lot fewer interruptions.

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Happy New Year!

2 months ago

Hey friends, 2019 is here and we have much planned for the server in the coming year:
- Hardware improvements to reduce lag
- Some new vanilla tweaks, but not too many!
- New vote rewards coming soon
- A new event we're working on that involves a custom plugin, XP farm builders will want to watch for this one!

See you in the wilds.

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WilderSanta Results

3 months ago

This year I wanted to do something special for the WilderCraft community so I designed a custom plugin called WilderSanta. It's a random gift exchange that let anyone on the server participate.

Anyone was able to give a gift, you just needed a shulker box and 1 diamond block to spend, to participate. Simply fill a shulker box full of goodies of your choosing, hold the shulker in your hand and type "/giftwrap Along with a nice message to your random recipient..". Once you type the command, 1 diamond block is removed from your inventory along with the shulker box (stored for later, of course) while you listen to...

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