Updated for Season 2

A helpful friend to follow you around and provide useful beacon and potion effects for the duration your pet is active. New this season... two all new WilderPets gain fire resistance, or slow fall.

How to Get a WilderPet

Upgrade your rank to Dryad or higher to access the /pets menu!

Other ways... Redbau originally added code so pets could be earned via /vote, crate rewards and other event prizes but the code got complex and was shelfed. He hopes to bring this back soon and allow players to trade pets earned, and allow all player /ranks to use pets.

Feeding Your Pet

Feeding your pet food will unlock an alternative skin! Be sure to use its favorite food, listed in the menu for each pet, or nothing will happen. Use the /pets menu to spawn different pets. Once spawned, feed your pet by holding food in your main hand and right-clicking your active pet in the world.

WilderPets Ladder

Last updated: December 27, 2023 @ 7:08am


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Fairy, Dryad and Guardian are our most-popular ranks!


WilderCrate Key

Unlocks 1 random WilderCrate Item from the chest at spawn.



Use coins to buy special heads and items at the WilderCoin shop in-game.