New for Season 10

Upgraded for this season, WilderWings act as netherite chestplate armor as well as saves saves rockets over time for maximum efficiency.

WilderWings *buffed*
  • Protection V
    Unbreaking III
  • Netherrite armor protection
    Won't burn in lava
  • 3% chance free fuel*

*Note: Also works with Everlasting Rocket so you can combine these two items for even more efficient rocket use!

Item Highlights

- Saves rockets as you fly around
- Offers the same armor value as netherite chestplate protection
- Upgrade at the WilderForge for special fancy particles

How to Get a WilderWings

1. Vote daily for a weekly chance at a WilderTool every 21 votes

2. Buy with WilderCoins at the WilderCoin Shop

3. Unlock from the WilderCrate using a WilderCrate Key

Rockets Saved

Players using WilderWings will automatically be listed here. (Updated every 30 minutes)

WilderWings Leaderboard



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WilderCrate Key

Unlocks 1 random WilderCrate Item from the chest at spawn.



Use coins to buy special heads and items at the WilderCoin shop in-game.