Custom items balanced for survival minecraft

WiderTools offer alternatives to building lag-intense XP farms, or grinding. Tools can be earned from rare vote rewards, unlocking the WilderCrate, and in-game using the WilderCoin Shop.

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  • Haste/Regen/Damage
  • Gives beacon effects
  • [Being Reworked]
  • Auto-setup beacon

WilderCrate Items

Use a WilderCrate Key to unlock a random crate item that offer quality of life improvements, balanced with survival trade-offs and costs. These special items can be unlocked from the green WilderCrate at spawn.

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Everlasting Rocket
  • Stack w/gunpowder
  • 2 GP = 3 charges
Big Lava Bucket
  • Carry extra lava
  • Super useful item
Rainbow Rockets
  • A multi-firework show!
  • Random per stack
  • [Builder Tool]
  • Extends like blocks
Trash Can
  • [Special Container]
  • Works with redstone, too!
Everlasting Torch
  • Reusable Light
  • Just add coal!
Hardstone Pick
  • Earn Haste Charges
  • Instamine in bursts
Bow of Light
  • Shoot trails of light
  • Great for caving
Reusable XP Bottle
  • Refill with XP
  • Use later!
Void Shulker
  • [Special Container]
  • Picks Up Items!
Bedrock Breaker
  • [25 Uses]
  • Break the Unbreakable
Blasting Pickaxe
  • Mine extra blocks
  • Consumes TNT
Grappling Hook
  • Fly high
  • Tough landing
Fancy Pants
  • Flashy particles
  • Colors per pants
SuperDry Sponge
  • Cleans a mess
  • 11x11 area
Amethysts Touch
  • Silk touch
  • Mine budding blocks
Farmer's Trousers
  • Grow multiple crops
  • Costs 2x bonemeal
Patina Sponge
  • Use on copper blocks
  • Makes oxidation
Ancient Sapling
  • Grow a super tree
  • 32x32 block area
  • Toss your friends
  • Weeeeeeee
Feather Duster
  • Find ingots, etc
  • Destroys webs
Globdom's Wrench
  • Turn it around
  • Rotate blocks in-place
Tree Spore
  • [Special Item]
  • Grow saplings
Heads Bundle
  • Decorate your place
  • Contains 5 special heads
Bottomless Bucket
  • Use anywhere
  • Infinite water source
Poffy's Yardstick
  • Use on two points
  • Measure between blocks
Diorite Not-Alrite
  • Pickaxe of hatred
  • Replace diorite w/???
  • Use on mob spawners
  • Drops a pig spawner
Sword of Zeus 2.0
  • Strike lightning on hit
  • Sometimes backfires!
Baby Animal Feed
  • Use on animals
  • Babies never grow up
Farmer’s Footies
  • Wear when farming
  • Doesn’t damage crops
Phantom Juice
  • Use on self
  • Resets sleep timer

Each season we add new items, remove some, and make adjustments to some favorites that may need rebalancing over time.
Here’s what changed this season: view changelog.