Season 8 Changelog


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by redbau » over 4 years ago

Each season we try hard to improve the WilderCraft survival experience. Reducing lag and increasing server capacity is a big focus, but so is adding new features, refining/balancing items like in WilderCrate and WilderTools, as well as removing features that didn't work out as planned.

Here's what changed this Season 8:


  • Butcher’s Axe: looting axe that drops meat only (use on cows, sheep, pigs and chickens)
  • Head Bundles: decorate your place with 5 unique heads (11 different bundles)
  • Phantom Juice: reset your sleep timer (costs 10 xp levels, increases hunger)
  • Calming Cake: calms more than bees  (sometimes backfires)


  • Baby Animal Feed: now works on all animals
  • Sword of Zeus: works on all mobs
  • Homesick Slime: removed from voting pool
  • Pigaxe: breaks after use
  • Bottomless Bucket + Farmer’s Footies: no longer spams chat
  • MsPoffy’s Yardstick + TreeHugger Prefix: upgrades coming soon...
  • Diorite Not-alrite pickaxe: removed this season for balance adjustments
  • Ancient Sapling: temporarily removed, will reappear later this season


  • WilderBlade only drops heads for isolated mobs (must be naturally spawning, and at least 3 blocks away from other mobs of the same type — sorry endermen farms!)
  • WilderPick consumes less coal (40% chance now vs 100%)
  • WilderCopia: can drop Eyes of Teleport at all levels (instead of emeralds at Fort V)
  • WilderShears: can drop golden apples at all levels (instead of emeralds at Fort V)
  • WilderWings: protection 5 enchant is now quite rare (can also roll with fire or projectile protection instead)
  • WilderPotion: upgrade coming soon...


  • When reforging multiple times, the Forge will now always give you a different WilderTool from your previous forge (no more back to back WilderSpades)
  • When reforging your two items, the Forge will now always give you a different tool type from either of the two input items (reforging Shears and a Sword will make sure you won't receive either of these as the item returned to you)
  • WilderForge upgrades coming soon...


  • Greatly increased map size: 40k by 40k (up from 16k last season)
  • More server capacity: Elm and Sequoia
  • Upgraded server hardware: Expanse and Skyblock now have dedicated resources which reduces load on main survival servers

We spent extra time this season testing and fixing bugs before launch, so hopefully you had a much smoother experience than in past WilderCraft season openings. Thanks to all the players who contine to come back and play season after season. It's been a joy to grow with you these last 3.5 years. Looking forward to many more season launches together.

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