Our ranks offer rewards like custom hats, WilderPets, shop plots at /spawn, and more!

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  • [New Player Rank]
  • Homes: 1
    Claims: +500
  • [Votes: 100]
  • Homes: 3
    Claims: +2000
    Shops: 1 Chest
  • [Votes: 500]
  • Homes: 5
    Claims: +5,000
    Shops: 10 Chests
    End access at /spawn
  • Homes: 10
    Claims: +10,000
    Shops: 15 Chests
    Nether claims
  • Homes: 20
    Claims: +25,000
    Shops: 20 Chests
    End claims
  • Homes: 25
    Claims: +100,000
    Shops: 25 Chests
  • Bonus Rewards:
    - 1 Guardian Shield (season)
    - 1 WilderCrate Key (once)
    - 1 Dragon Egg (once)

The Perks...

  • Homes — Use /sethome or /sethome name to save any location to your /home list. To visit that location again, type /home or /home name
  • Claims — Claims protect your blocks from other players griefing and stealing. Holding any golden shovel and right-click two corners of land and this will create a claim. Useful commands: /claimslist to see how many claim blocks you're using and have remaining. Note: all players earn claim blocks every hour they are on the server.
  • Shops — WilderCraft has a custom chest shop system for players to use. Shops use vanilla in-game currency like iron, gold, diamonds and netherite. Optionally you can use WilderCoins as a valid currency as well. All player ranks can purchase from shops, but only ranked players can create shops. Shop plots can be claimed at /spawn.
  • Portal access — Located at /spawn, ranked players can use a Nether portal and End portal for access to those worlds.

Supporter Ranks

Join the monthly supporter rank club and get special and exclusive rewards every month!

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Special Vote Rewards

Every 90 Votes

Earn a Mod Box Dedicated Reward — every 90 votes Earn a special shulker box that contains heads, exclusive enchanted items, and other rare goodies — each created by a Staff team member!

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