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Claiming a Shop:

  • Plots:

    • Any rank Peddler and above can claim a peddler chest.

    • Any rank Pathfinder and above can claim pathfinder chests.

    • Any rank Mythic and above can claim a mythic plot.

    • Only Ancient rank can claim an ancient plot. 

    • You can choose to claim a shop of lower rank if you so choose, however, that must be your only shop.

      • You may share a plot with someone else, however, both players must be eligible for that plot.

  • Claiming:

    • In order to claim a plot, find a plot that you like around spawn of your rank or lower, stand in the plot and type: /shop claim

      • It worked if the corners and sign of the shop disappeared.

  • Unclaiming/Upgrade:

    • Unclaiming a shop works similarly to claiming, you will need to stand in the plot and type /shop unclaim

      • Note: This will completely reset the plot and blocks left on the plot will be wiped as if with World Edit. 

    • You may upgrade your plot at any time should you rank up (i.e. Mythic -> Ancient), however, you will need to do the following steps:

      • Clear out your plot and unclaim it

      • Find a new plot

      • Notify a staff member so they may add you to the new plot.


Maintaining Your Shop:

      • Building/Stocking:

        • Once you obtain your shop, you need to stock and build it within three days making sure you are following the shop rules listed in /shoprules. 

        • What classifies as being stocked within 3 days? A fourth of your shop chests need to be stocked (I.E. ancients must have 6 chests stocked)

          • Shop Sign: 

            • Line 1: $

            • Line 2: Item Description (i.e. Gunpowder)

            • Line 3: Price (i.e. 1 d)

            • Line 4: Blank

          • Shop Warp:

            • Type /set$ at the location you would like players to warp to

              • This will be used when searching descriptions

              • It is no longer required to put all the items you sell as the plugin will search all the chests when searching for an item

    • Rules to Follow:

      • 1. Peddler/Pathfinder Plots: Please only change the sign text and chest contents.

      • 1. Mythic Plot: 12 shop chests + 3 storage chests & signs (max height 16)

      • 1. Ancient Plot: 24 shop chests + 6 storage chests & signs (max height 24)

      • 2. Please build and stock your new shop within 3 days (this may result in a build freeze otherwise)

      • 3. Inactive shops will be auto-removed after 30 days (we no longer keep items). 

      • 4. Shops must look thoughtful in any theme/style (ask staff for a build buddy if needed)

      • 5. Max 1 shop per player (shared plots require both players to have the rank necessary)

      • 6. Max 1 hopper, no major redstone

      • 7. No beacons, nethal portals, item frames, or armor stands

      • 8. No shulkers, trapped chests, or double chests (shop plugin requires oak signs to work)

      • 9. No reselling items from other shops

        • Note: Buying an item, altering it then selling the new item is fine.

      • 10. Only put items you intend to sell in shop chests (no filler items)

      • Note: 3x violations will likely result in a season-long shop-plot ban. 

      • Note: You may only move your plot once every 30 days unless your rank upgrades.



  • Should you obtain a shop violation, when you come to spawn you will get a notification in chat. Please click that notification to view the details of the violation.

    • Note: Once you have viewed it you will not get notifications for that violation anymore.

  • To view past violations, you can type /shop myviolations 

  • If you are overdue for stocking (over 30 days) we will likely also message you on discord if you are on the discord server. 

    • Violations for not restocking every 30 days does not count towards the 3 violation limit.

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