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So, what's this WilderCraft survival server all about?
Nature! We love it. There aren't enough trees, never will be. Cover the Minecraft Earth with tremendous and tiny trees, everywhere and we'll just live among them, thank you very much. WilderCraft celebrates nature, trees, the natural landscape of Minecraft, and attempts to build within the landscape, not simply demolishing everything in our path in the pursuit of the largest most industrial farms. While you're free to build in the style of your choosing, we encourage players to look at rustic themes, styles that blend into nature or work with the landscape and natural features of the area you choose.

Semi-vanilla? Does that mean you have plugins on your server?
Basic Minecraft, as Mojang intented, is often called vanilla, and has these core defining features:

  1. Challenging gameplay that offers little assistance or starting comforts
  2. Items and powers come with trade-offs, have limited uses and nothing is overpowered or lasts forever
  3. Sometimes you die and lose everything in lava, in the void, or from a random baby zombie while cave exploring 20,000 blocks away from your base with a bed.
  4. Survival Minecraft is difficult, and comes with trade-offs and costs, just like real life. The better we can adapt to these changes in positive ways the more fun we'll have both in life and in Minecraft. So embrace these aspects.

Yes we have plugins. I have written a handful of carefully balanced and custom Java plugins to the WilderCraft server in the spirit of both making the game more challenging and interesting while more suitable for a multiplayer public server.

So WilderCraft is a family-friendly Survival Minecraft server?
Yes we're a family-friendly server, and no we're not religious. I'm a parent of two young children and I wanted to cultivate a nice, friendly community that's welcoming, helpful and just here to have a nice time and enjoy each other.

Why don't you allow PvP?
PvP encourages a kind of competitive and aggressive gameplay style and mindset that I feel goes against spirit of WilderCraft. I want to encourage calm and friendly cooperation, a trait I believe applies both to real life and game life. WilderCraft is about creating, sharing and enjoying the journey together. We do, however, like to smash a skeleton on the regular.

What about a PvP arena?
There's a spirit to PvP that focuses on twitchy gameplay, encourages hacks, talk of "being owned" (nobody owns me, I'm a free human being, thank you!) and frankly I prefer our calm and cool-headed players who'd rather build a tree, medidate among their vine jungle base, or grind skeletons to restock their shop. Don't get me wrong, I've played my share of CounterStrike (back when it was a Half Life mod, people!) and some Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2 (middle-school Redbau knew all the moves) but grappling with your friends all the time gets old — can't we both win without somebody else losing?

... This is a work in progress and will continue to evolve and be updated over time. Please ask questions below!

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