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WilderSanta Results


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by redbau » 8 months ago
This year I wanted to do something special for the WilderCraft community so I designed a custom plugin called WilderSanta. It's a random gift exchange that let anyone on the server participate.

Anyone was able to give a gift, you just needed a shulker box and 1 diamond block to spend, to participate. Simply fill a shulker box full of goodies of your choosing, hold the shulker in your hand and type "/giftwrap Along with a nice message to your random recipient..". Once you type the command, 1 diamond block is removed from your inventory along with the shulker box (stored for later, of course) while you listen to jingle bells played over note blocks.

This year we had 73 people participate in WilderSanta and /giftwrap a present and the results are really fun to see the results:

Some people took great care in how they presented their packages:

And one or two weren't so great...

As owner, I had a really fun time making this and seeing everyone's gifts and reactions were very satisfying. You all wrote nice notes, expressed kindness, gratitude, love, and were freely sharing your wealth and treasures with others this season. Thank you to every person who did /giftwrap this year!

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