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by Exavious » 11 months ago


This block (a special cauldron) can be placed down and stores player exp with no CAP or a very high CAP. A player can place all exp into cauldron by right clicking on it with bare hand. Left clicking with bare hand would show stored amount of exp.

To retrieve exp from the cauldron you can right click on it with an empty bottle to create an exp bottle or left click with bottle to make a dungeon run bottle provided you have enough exp stored. 

This would allow for best and most efficient storage of exp and the ability to sell your excess exp to other players. 

RE: WilderCauldron


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by Tolcum » 11 months ago

Asking Red for status of Reusable XP Bottle, which was supposed to possibly be reworked to give bottles of enchanting. Tel is concerned this will devalue DR Bottles, which is a good point. But, if it were to give out bottles like that, this idea would be redundant. I'll get back with you next meeting to review Red's feedback and see if this is something that we would recommend.


Thanks for the idea!

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