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by Melody_Evermore » about 1 year ago

The Wilder Retriever is a one-time use item that essentially saves your Wilder-based items if you die. After using this item it breaks/respawns and the Wilder-based items are returned to you. They do not retrieve other items like diamonds, Netherite, cobblestone, etc.


Note: Came up with this when I was doing the newest survey because I felt that if WilderCrate Keys, Wilder Coins, and Wilder-themed items (i.e. Pig Axe, Sword of Zeus, WilderReel, etc.) cost real world money to get every time they should stay with the player.


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by Tolcum » 11 months ago

We do hear ideas like this for items pretty frequently. In fact, Exavious had a very similar one that we reviewed at this meeting. You can see their post here: https://wildercraft.net/forum/topic/1922-eternal/

In the past, Red has been pretty opposed to ideas like this. It generally goes against the survival aspect of the game, and there are a lot of ways to mitigate the loss of incredibly valuable items. I don't take my WilderPick while End raiding, for instance. Bringing an echest with you to use the pigaxe to collect a spawner and keeping the pigaxe in the echest until you're ready to pick up the spawner, then putting the spawner in the echest after it's harvested. Things like that.

The general sentiment is that WilderCraft is, at it's core, a survival server. If these items were to have some way of being protected, it would have to have some kind of trade-off. Generally that trade-off right now is just being careful with valuable items. We are going to review Exavious's idea further; maybe an enchant that can be applied at the WilderForge that protects some items. Getting the enchant would require items difficult to obtain, potentially WilderCoins or the like. It's something that may be workable one day, but right now, I don't see a blanket 'WilderItems are protected from loss' update being even remotely considered. 

Look at Exavious's idea and let me know what you think. Thank you for the idea!

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