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Claiming A Shop:

  • Plots:

    • Sapling- a single shop chest. 

    • Treant+ - An 11x13 plot (height/depth-16)

      • Treant- the above +5 chests. 

      • Fairy- the above +10 chests. 

      • Dryad- the above +15 chests. 

      • Guardian- the above +20 chests.

    • You can choose to claim a shop of lower rank if you so choose, however, that must be your only shop.

    • You may share a plot with someone else, however, both players must be eligible for that plot.

  • Claiming:

    • In order to claim a plot, find a plot that you like around spawn of your rank or lower, stand in the plot and type: /shop claim

      • It worked if the corners and sign of the shop disappeared.

  • Unclaiming/Upgrade:

    • Unclaiming a shop works similarly to claiming, you will need to stand in the plot and type /shop unclaim

      • Note: This will completely reset the plot and blocks left on the plot will be wiped as if with World Edit. 

    • You may upgrade your plot at any time should you rank up (i.e. Sapling ->Treant), however, you will need to do the following steps:

      • Clear out your plot and unclaim it

      • Find a new plot

      • Notify a staff member so they may add you to the new plot.

Maintaining Your Shop:

  • Building/Stocking:

    • Once you obtain your shop, you need to stock and build it within three days making sure you are following the shop rules listed in /shoprules. 

    • What classifies as being stocked within 3 days? A fourth of your shop chests need to be stocked (I.E. Guardians must have 6 chests stocked, Dryad must have 5 and so on.)

    • What classifies as stocked overall? In order for your shop to be qualified as stocked, it will need to have half of its chests stocked (I.E. Guardians must have 12 chests stocked, Dryad must have 10 and so on.)

    • To check what chests are empty you can run a /shop empty

      • Shop Sign: 

        • Line 1: $

        • Line 2: Item Description (i.e. Gunpowder)

        • Line 3: Price (i.e. 1 d)

        • Line 4: Blank

      • Shop Warp:

        • Type /set$ at the location you would like players to warp to

          • This will be used when searching descriptions

          • It is no longer required to put all the items you sell as the plugin will search all the chests when searching for an item


  • Rules to Follow:

    • 1. Inactive shops will be removed after 30 days. 

    • 2. You have 3 days to build and stock your shop. 

    • 3. Shop must look thoughtful in any theme/style. 

    • 4. Only one pet is permitted in a shop. 

    • 5. No lit beacons, nether portals, item frames, paintings, or armor stands. 

    • 6. No reachable dangerous blocks. 

      • Only applies to blocks reachable by foot. 

    • 7. No shulkers, trapped chests, or barrels can be used for storage in any way.

      • Barrels can be used as decor only.  

    • 8. Max 1 hopper per shop; no major redstone, no farms. 

    • 9. Max one shop per player, including shared shops.

      • Shared plots are the rank of the lower ranking shop owner. 

      • If sharing, this is your one plot, you cannot have an additional plot.

    • 10. Only put what you intend to sell in shop chests. 

      • No filler items. 

    • 11. Shop plot location may be changed once every 30 days.

      • With the exception of ranking up. 


  • Rule 2- Offenses of this rule will result in a violation and a 30 day shop plot build freeze. 

  • 3 violations of Shop Rules will result in a 30 day shop ban. 6 violations of Shop Rules will result in a 60 day shop ban. (Exception: Rule 1)

  • Ignoring a shop violation for 7 days will result in another violation until a shop ban is reached.

  • Overworld season server shop rules only apply to shops in official shop areas, these are currently at /localspawn. 


  • Shop owners who get banned from the server for 30 days or less will not receive any violations during that period and their shop will stay up.

  • Shop owners banned from the server for more than 30 days will have their shop taken down and the contents of the plot will be saved by the Shop Team. The boxed up shop will be returned to the player upon their return to the server.


  • Should you obtain a shop violation, when you come to spawn you will get a notification in chat. Please click that notification to view the details of the violation.

    • Note: Once you have viewed it you will not get notifications for that violation anymore.

  • To view past violations, you can type /shop myviolations 

  • If you are overdue for stocking (over 30 days) we will likely also message you on discord if you are on the discord server. 

    • Violations for not restocking every 30 days does not count towards the 3 violation limit.

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