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Do you have an idea for making WilderCraft better?

  1. Read this short guide below and keep your post short!
  2. Make a new post here with your idea
  3. Wait for someone on the Community team to contact you (be sure to leave your discord contact info so we can reach you!)

Note: All ideas are automatically posted to the #ideas-and-feedback channel on Discord so others can see and emoji react

  • Keep your idea short! Tell us the main idea in a few short bullet points
  • New item? Consider survival trade-offs and costs, does it have a cooldown or cost something to use? Powerful items have trade-offs (ex: breaking wheat with the wildercopia doesn't drop seeds)
  • Game balance change? How will this change help benefit the larger WilderCraft player community?
  • Does it help reduce lag? Please consider performance impacts of your suggestions. Things that work fine for 10 players doesn't always scale up well for 200 players!
  • Do you have the support from others? Talk with other players and staff before submitting ideas to see if they make sense and sound like things we can try out!

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