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WilderHunt : Easter 2019


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by Coral_Papa » 10 months ago

Like hide and seek?

Well good news, the Easter Bunny has hit WilderCraft and hidden eggs all around spawn.
If you find one of these eggs and left click on them some of them give you gifts.

See if you can be a master hunter in the leaderboard and find all of the eggs.

Some say its impossible to find all the eggs. I wonder what would happen if someone did?

Make sure to clear some room in your inventory and Happy Hunting from WilderCraft


G E N E R A L F A Q S 

Sunday April 14th @ 12:00PM Noon (EST) to the following Sunday, April 21st @ 11:59PM Midnight (EST)

WilderHunt will be located throughtout spawn, wooven in between all its mystical shops and tunnels. (WilderHunt will be available on Wilder and not on Expanse).

Do I bring anything? 
No! You wont need Blocks, Elytra, or Ender Pearls. You may need to climb or jump to get to these eggs, Infact leave some space empty! You never know what you are going to find out there.

How do I check how many eggs I or other players found? 
Use this command: 
/wilderhunt leaderboard — this will reveal the leaderboard

Everyone knows you get prizes when you find those brightly colored eggs.

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