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Miscellaneous rules


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 Miscellaneous rules  

 Alt account usage  

A player with one or more alternate accounts is not allowed to use their alts to
1. Evade bans
2. Afk at farms (both mob and item farms) or keep redstone intensive machines loaded
3. to claim more than 1 shop plot (or 2 mythic plots if ancient rank) across all owned accounts

 Player builds and items  

Pranking/Prank wars
Prank wars can easily escalate and lead to players being banned or disciplined, we strongly discourage the practice of pranking for this reason.

100 blocks rule 
Players need permission to settle within 100 blocks of another player.

Village amendment rule
We only enforce wildercraft rules, you cannot retract a players permission to live near you once they've been allowed there.
A guide on how to handle villages can be found here:

Player builds abide by /chat rules

Any build that is deemed to be offensive, hateful or obscene etc. will be removed and the creator punished accordingly

 Player account, skin and naming rules 

Stolen accounts
Usage of stolen accounts or services that provide stolen minecraft accounts are strictly prohibited

Staff impersonation

Modifying an account to closely resemble the likeness of a staff member or wrongfully claiming to be part of staff is strictly prohibited.

Skins and names
Skins and names of accounts need to be PG and follow chat and communication rules

 Rank command rules  

Ancient player shop warps outside of spawn
Ancient shop warps must lead to a shop with a minimum of 4 regularly stocked shop chests selling distinguishably different items at a reasonable price. (what counts as reasonable is up to staff judgement)

AFK-kick timer circumvention  

Building a contraption or using software/weight on your mouse/keyboard to avoid being kicked for inactivity is strictly prohibited

Public Areas   

Grief Prevention
Once an area is open to all (ie. nether highway, farms, etc.), it is then considered a public site. It is the responsibility of the community to maintain the site and report damages. Any intentional destruction  - even by the original builder - can be considered griefing (case by case evaluation). 



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