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Farms and redstone rules


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by MsPoffy » over 2 years ago

 Farms & Redstone rules  

 All Farms   
1. Don't lag the server for other players! No excessive redstone/hoppers or farms in one area. No perma-loaders
2. Don't abuse/exploit game mechanics. Play fair and report bugs to staff please!
3. Be mindful of the FarmLimiter! 50 mobs/animals, 25 villagers per loaded area.
4. Redstone must have an off switch. Farms must have an item overflow trashcan.
 Flying Machines   
5. When used for harvesting: 2 Machines max. Maximum area 20x20 each. Sweepers are fine.
 Guardian Farms   
6. Soul-sand allowed only within the monument's bounding box.
7. Maximum 4 Nether Portals per monument.
 Other Unallowed Mechanics  
9. Any duping, auto-clickers, composter x-ray, and minecart entity cramming, no avoiding AFK timer

For a more in-depth explanation of these rules, see

Farmlimiter guide:

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