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Chat and general communications rules


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by MsPoffy » over 2 years ago

 WilderCraft chat and communication rules  

1. Show respect to other players and staff. Keep chat civil and friendly.
2. Be helpful - don't mislead or misinform other players.
3. No swearing or offensive expressions/acronyms/jokes that can be perceived as hateful.
4. No debating/talking politics, religion or spiritual belief systems.
5. No talking about illegal substances or their usage
6. Obscene/inappropriate/explicit material is prohibited.
7. No advertising of other servers or social media accounts not affiliated with WilderCraft.
8. No linking/referring to material not allowed by the by the above mentioned rules.
9. Keep chat in English. Staff cannot moderate what they can't understand.

! Chat rules apply to all official WilderCraft platforms (Discord, Forums, Server etc)
! These rules also apply to other forms of communication, such as minecraft builds.

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