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Chapter 2

Started February 4, 2022

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New this Chapter

Ranks, Vote System, Vote Crate, New WilderItems, Pet buffs, and hats!

  • All new Ranks completely overhauled with all new perks, plus auto-migrate your previous purchased rank!
  • All new Vote Rewards upgrade your vote rewards with each Vote Level you hit.
  • New Vote Crate over 40+ rewards, including crate keys and wildercoins too!
  • New Hats wear some silly items. (Fairy rank+)
  • New WilderPets give beacon effects, with more pets on the way! (Dryad rank+)
  • New Lobby come explore new items, parkour, play match5, and get a free WilderCrate key to try out on Lobby! (/go lobby)
  • WilderForge is back use it to reroll two WilderTools into a random new one, or apply particle effects, and buy cool colored netherite armor.
  • Overhauled WilderPick 3.0 now vastly easier to level up with better upgrades! Thank you players for the community feedback.
  • Build-o-Matic lets you extend block shapes of the same type in one direction. This is an amazingly useful survival build tool! (Red's favorite new item this season)
  • Everlasting Torch just stack coal on this torch to load it up with fuel! Players love this simple but mega useful item.
  • Hardstone Pick a truly original pickaxe to WilderCraft, earn haste charges that you can use to insta-mine hardstone..
  • Bow of Light light up caves in style. Ohhh, fancy particles and vanishing trails of light.
  • Reusable XP Bottle store that XP for later -- a highly requested item.
  • Big Lava Bucket carry extra lava in one bucket. Another super simple yet amazingly useful survival item!
  • 10 new Ancient Trees created by our amazingly talented build team. Now you can choose the exact tree to plant via menu!
  • End Rush beta start in the end with starter items and find an elytra. New dangers and rewards await!
  • New Nature Dungeon Run! build team has created a lovely set of rooms that are both beautiful and dangerous! Explore puzzles, battle mobs, and discover how to defeat the completely new boss fight. Hint, bring the helpers over to the berry bushes!

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