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No worries about your son, definitely takes priority over video games! Feel free to ask questions as we are here to answer those questions!
7 days ago

Hey nerdite!

I'm also a nerd, I want to study microbiology in college, cause science, and I'm also a huge HP nerd myself! I'm super excited to find out what will happen in fantastic beats 3, and I've just begun my anual read through, and will soon read through all the books by summer as I'd usually read fast. I also started up playing in 1.12 after a hiatus since 1.8!

I agree, peanut butter is awful, and area 51 memes are amazing, and we somehow kept the joke going until Sept 20 and since the raid, the memes have indeed dwindled, and most are gone now.
7 days ago

As a helper, I am able to use /wl to see other staff members, so I'd think expanding /wl to allow players to see staff may be good, although staff use it to see if there are, say, 20+ people on redwood and no mod there while there are, say, a few helpers and mods on maple grouped together. I'm not sure if this will happen, but I do like the suggestion as I'd usually (before becoming helper) have to go to each server to find a mod if needed
9 days ago

Hi! I'd like to introduce myself now that I've become helper!

My name is Sarah S., although I'm sisi7304 in game, usually called sisi in chat. The numbers after my ign happen to be given to me due to the regular username "sisi" being taken. I'm 16 years old currently, I'm genderfluid, (that's why I change skins frequently in game and irl, I am called by different pronouns depending on the day), and a Junior (class of 2021) in High School in MA (Boston time zone). I want to be a microbiologist when I get to college, so I'm in multiple AP classes like biology and chemistry to help me with that.

I can be online, usually, after school (2 pm EST to 9 or 10 pm EST) and I love being online to help people, particularly newcomers, just as my friends helped me back when I joined this server in the middle/end of season 6. I've been playing Minecraft since some of its earlier days, 1.7 (forge and mods) or 1.8 and shortly afterward, I had taken a hiatus due to school work and not having a good computer (I have an excellent one now that runs smoothly at 40-60 fps whereas my old computer barely ran at 10 fps on a good day) to play on. I started back up playing when 1.12 and 1.13 was recent and joined this server in 1.14, season 6, as I have mentioned before. 

If you have any questions, I can help!
9 days ago