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Friends of past seasons may remember a game we created called Rush. Well, it's back!

What is Rush?
- Start in a new random world
- You have 90 minutes to obtain an elytra
- First to elytra wins the game and their player head!
- Killing the Ender Dragon is optional
- Endermen always drop pearls
- Some skeletons and zombies will spawn as an Enderperson, worth bonus pearls

How do you play the beta test?
- Visit /spawn and start a Rush for free, no keys needed (for now)

Why beta?
Because there will be some bugs and we want folks to expect to encounter them and expect us to update glitches, exploits and other weird issues. Thank you for the help!

What can I win?
Your player head, bonus xp back on your home server, and some other bonus goodies we are still working on.
29 days ago

Today we finished a server migration to a new host which should provide more uptime and a more reliable Minecraft gameplay experience for everyone, and especially for our UK friends as their ping and lag should decrease.

Thanks to our generous donors each month we are able to continue to improve our hardware for the server.
2 months ago

Hey calvnnhobs! Welcome back again. I remember talking about MUDs together, maybe we can brainstorm some creative ways to add some more meta game elements into our Dungeon Run mini-game that could involve some interesting additional layers to the gameplay.

It's funny, when I play single player survival, the nether is pretty scary, but the end is TERRIFYING! I have sweaty hands the whole time I'm in the end. But since WilderCraft has teleport I always feel pretty safe, it takes a lot of the risk away, but it's still scary!

Love the idea of doing something closer to spawn, especially since it shows up on the dynmap. Check the website navigation for links to the maps, they have been down for a while but should be up again shortly.
2 months ago