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_Leya_: 3 days ago
redbau hi.. I would really like to appeal a Ban and I was wondering if I could talk to you personally. I was banned for language for 62 days, but it was reduced now without any consultation with me to 29 days. I am glad it is reduced. But I would like to speak to you about the specifics of this auto-ban regarding language because it is not warranted I swear. You may remember me, I always love seeing you pop in the servers, and we talked a couple days ago. I love the server, and have been keeping it PG since I got auto-banned for 13 mins my first day because I didn't yet understand how strict the system was. Today I was banned for 62 days (reduced to 29) for saying "fugly" (i was describing my empty shop on Maple) Please allow me to explain more in detail on Discord, because I love the server <3 <3 I really don't want to wait 29 days. I love the rules and I am 100% with the PG vibe. I accidently slipped by saying "fugly" while giving a tour of the beautiful "George Town" on Maple, and I don't believe a ban is warranted. My discord (that I create solely to speak to daisysolo, I did not have it before) is Leya#5095 I love this server, and hope that we can resolve this with no ban, as I really was not being malicious towards anyone, or anything- and I love this server <3. For what it's worth, I just donated to Pathfinder 2 days ago, meaning my aim on this server is not to inflict harm. I love the community. Ty for hopefully reading

Dragonking8765: 4 days ago
How do you post on the forum? Trying to apply for build team

emmasolo: about 1 year ago




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