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Looking for a more vanilla experience? Join The Expanse!
The Expanse is a new server attached to WilderCraft and available via warp from /spawn.

- Walk everywhere! No /tp or /home or wildwarp
- Use resources wisely and make friends! The world is only 10k small
- No season reset (we'll see how long this map can go without ever resetting)
- Earn everything, no /vote or /donate rewards on The Expanse, no items cross-over
- Yes claims, protect your stuff!
- Yes shops, sell your stuff!
- Must be Pathfinder rank and up to join

Come to /spawn and find the new warp!
9 days ago

Hello friends!

You're here because you played a /dungeonrun, our latest creation for the server, and you have feedback. Great!

Please give us constructive feedback around these areas:
- What's most fun about the DungeonRun?
- Was anything confusing?
- Was anything broken? Do you think it's ready for official release?
- If you could change one thing, what would you change?

— red & staff
12 days ago

Whoa, impressive setup here Dragon. Now what do you store here?
18 days ago

One of my favorite bases! What a lovely underwater build Hylian!
18 days ago

We're looking for folks who want to help shape the look of Spawn for the upcoming Season 6 as well as survival mini-games created by myself and the staff team.

To be a builder, you should:
- Have a love for nature and architecture
- Be organized in communicating your ideas
- Work well on a team of creative people
- Offer & receive constructive and positive feedback with others

1. Copy/paste this application
2. Create a new post on this forum — with your application and screenshots included
about 1 month ago