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Rule #1. Toxic behavior
- Rule #2. Cheat/hack/x-ray
- Rule #3. Theft or grief
- Rule #4. Civil and family friendly chat/spam
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- Rule #6. Staff code of conduct violation 

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14 days ago

So here we are one week later and basically every Minecraft server that has tried to upgrade to 1.14 wasn't able to do so due to game-breaking bugs introduced during final release. And so we wait for 1.14.1, which contains many crucial Minecraft bug fixes including these:
  • Chunk rendering is extremely slow and random (lag!!!)
  • Hostile mobs not despawning at 128+ blocks (lag!!!)
  • Server lighting still broken
  • The ender dragon flies in circles
  • Enderman AI causing high ms tick lag
  • Villager AI CPU at 100%, causes lag
Stay tuned for 1.14.1 and a fresh new Season 6!
15 days ago

Hi Brody! Tell us about what you like to build on WilderCraft! Do you have a shop? What do you like to do for fun away from the computer? =]
18 days ago

Come join the fun. We're doing the full season reset tonight and saying hello to a fresh 1.14 world. The build team has been hard at work on some lovely designs and I've been hard at work upgrading the server and preparing for all the new players. We hope to see you tonight, or anytime this Season 6.
22 days ago