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No_L1fe_360: 4 months ago
Application for build team . What do you like most about WilderCraft? 2. As a build team member you get to shape the look and feel of WilderCraft. What would you like to help change? What would you keep the same? 3. Choose two responsibilities you are passionate about:     a: Planning & organizing builds     b: Structure, size, finding sites     c: Exterior building & design     d: Landscaping & trees     e: Interior design     f: Leading builds, keeping people motivated, focused on finishing in a timely fashion 4. What do you believe you can bring to the build team? 5. What's your favorite build style to work with? 6. Attach screenshots of 10 builds you've made. What I like about this server is that it is a friendly friendly Community server and it has nice people to help you along the way. I also like the server because people help one another and that the staff is friendly as well. What I would like to change is nothing. I like the server how it is. The thing that I would like to not change is the way that the shops are looking. The two main things that can be responsible for our landscaping and tree cutting and the other one that I can be responsible for to is structure size in finding sites. What I can bring to the build team is my honesty loyalty and building ideas. My favorite builds style to work with is any type of material. When I am in creative I like to create a mansion using different type of material up to and including quartz and chiseled quartz block and the other type of Court block that there is. I also like to use quartz tears to make it look nice. I like to use difference stained terracotta for the interior design. When I think of the design I like to think is how it looks and how other people would think about it. I do not currently have any screenshots that I can take at the moment that's my structures because I am still working on them and when they are finished I will show you guys. I want to keep it a surprise until I am done. If put on the Belt team I will work to the best of my ability with the other team in the staff. I love the staff and I love the way that this will their craft server is ran.

nedyrb: 5 months ago
redbau hi.. I would really like to appeal a Ban and I was wondering if I could talk to you personally. I was banned for language for 62 days, but it was reduced now without any consultation with me to 29 days. I am glad it is reduced. But I would like to speak to you about the specifics of this auto-ban regarding language because it is not warranted I swear. You may remember me, I always love seeing you pop in the servers, and we talked a couple days ago. I love the server, and have been keeping it PG since I got auto-banned for 13 mins my first day because I didn't yet understand how strict the system was. Today I was banned for 62 days (reduced to 29) for saying "fugly" (i was describing my empty shop on Maple) Please allow me to explain more in detail on Discord, because I love the server <3 <3 I really don't want to wait 29 days. I love the rules and I am 100% with the PG vibe. I accidently slipped by saying "fugly" while giving a tour of the beautiful "George Town" on Maple, and I don't believe a ban is warranted. My discord (that I create solely to speak to daisysolo, I did not have it before) is Leya#5095 I love this server, and hope that we can resolve this with no ban, as I really was not being malicious towards anyone, or anything- and I love this server <3. For what it's worth, I just donated to Pathfinder 2 days ago, meaning my aim on this server is not to inflict harm. I love the community. Ty for hopefully reading

Dragonking_exe: 5 months ago
How do you post on the forum? Trying to apply for build team

emmasolo: about 1 year ago




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Not a bug, it's a feature! =]
11 days ago

Cool! Would be nice if ender pearls weren't so easy to farm... maybe there's some future where you get these drops from mob arena or Ruby Island type areas and so they become less AFK farmable and more like an item you can earn easily but requires active work, and then it feels more like a survival cost. Maybe WilderBlade could drop those kinds of pearls, enchanted ender pearls, or something.

Cool idea!
21 days ago

Ah yes WilderSponges!

A sponge has come up before, some trade-off ideas:

1. perhaps it keeps track of a counter and can be used 10x before needing to dry.

2. Or dries quickly based on using xp or another resource.

3. Or unlimited but with a cool down. 
about 1 month ago

Hi Paladins curse, That's an interesting idea. What would be the trade-off if fortune was increased?
about 1 month ago

testing email notifications here.
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