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Thanks Will, this will be fixed in the upcoming update on Feb 29th!
11 days ago

Hi Olghar, this is something we're discussing. I still have all the Season 6 files, so once the new update is released on Feb 29 for Season 7, we'll jump back on this topic and see what we can do to get Season 6 back up for browsing/exporting!
15 days ago

One thing about survival minecraft is we try to encourage each other to earn your items. Since WilderCraft has strict rules against stealing, even from unprotected chests, having free chests at spawn with items for players to take (vs earn the survival way) can set the wrong impression for new players about what to do when you find a random chest in the wild.

Do you have any thoughts for ways to address either of those concerns? We are open to feedback here!
about 1 month ago

We ran tests over the last two weeks with a few different render distance values:
- Tests range from view distance between 4-8
• 4 seems to be the sweet spot that produces basically perfect game performance for ~45 players per server
• Performance sharply degrades as more players join beyond that
• Several server owners and plugin developers recommend using view-distance=1 as Spigot and Paper handle chunk loading a little different than vanilla MC and tend to do their own performance optimizations for chunks loaded in memory
• Upgrading hardware won't really help here, this seems to be a limitation of current multi-threaded performance of Minecraft, in the future it's possible, and likely MC will be rewritten for the server layer to take better advantage of multi-core CPUs, but right now we're stuck with these settings
• Lately there have been huge CPU spikes on Expanse, this was because of increased view distance test settings, so I've reverted that to 4 as well to restore smooth performance for everyone

Thanks for this Qaladien, I know we've talked about raising this in the past. I tried! Maybe we can re-evaluate this each major MC update and see what can be done.
about 1 month ago

Thanks MrWizard, customizeable armor stands is something I've played around with and would be a nice addition. We'll keep you posted on upcoming changes! Thanks for the notes here.
about 1 month ago