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hades6575: 13 hours ago
Please tell me how I get a ban appeal on the ban appeal forum thing you cant type and I don't know how to do this another way. Can you please help me?

emmagrl: 7 months ago




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Hi friends! Many of you are amazing builders creating lovely structures, nature-insprired builds, giant sprawling bases, and smart/compact designs — we'd love to see them!

Please take a few minutes and prep your images before you post them here:
1. Use this link to resize your images using these settings:
    • Set the width to a max of 2,000 pixels
    • Set the quality to 91%
    • Save as JPG
2. Drag your images into your reply so the images are attached and visible in the reply without clicking external links to Imgur etc
3. Show us your best 2-5 images so we're not overwhelmed with lots of the same type of photo
4. Please label what each image and tell us who helped work it so we can give proper credit to everyone involved if we use the image on the website

We can't wait to see what you're building!
5 days ago

This Wednesday, July 3rd, at 1pm Eastern time, we'll open the doors to the brand new Season 6 worlds.

• New spawn was built in survival by our amazing build team and is absolutely beautiful and hidden with lovely details and nature-y goodness

• Brand new teleport system uses Eyes of Teleport instead of plain old Ender Pearls — more info about this soon but these items drop from select mobs as well as /vote rewards

• Shops are being upgraded and improved with new inventory management features, sold out notifications, and more

• Updated vote rewards

• New ladder categories

• And a few more goodies planned...

See you on Wednesday @ 1pm Eastern, friends!
19 days ago

Copy & paste the ban application below and create a new post here with your answers in red.

Wilderstaff bans players who break the clearly posted /rules. We try our hardest to keep the server fair, so no player has advantages over others. X-raying, stealing, speed hacking, and other cheats disrupt the survival experience of vanilla Minecraft and give players an unfair advantage.

• Writing an appeal does not automatically mean you will be unbanned
• If you are caught again, your ban time will be extended — or permanent
• Show us that you have learned from your behavior and we may accept you back to our friendly community


1. What is your minecraft username? YourNameHere...
2. Which rule did you break to get banned? RuleNumber...
3. Do you believe this ban was justified? YourAnswer...
4. Which server were you banned from? (Wilder, Creative, Expanse, Season 6, Discord): YourAnswer...
5. Have you been banned from WilderCraft before? YourAnswer...
6. Why should you be unbanned? YourAnswer...
7. Please include any evidence if you were wrongfully banned (optional): YourAnswer...
8. If we let you come back, how will you avoid making the same mistake again? YourAnswer...

— End of ban appeal —
about 1 month ago

So here we are one week later and basically every Minecraft server that has tried to upgrade to 1.14 wasn't able to do so due to game-breaking bugs introduced during final release. And so we wait for 1.14.1, which contains many crucial Minecraft bug fixes including these:
  • Chunk rendering is extremely slow and random (lag!!!)
  • Hostile mobs not despawning at 128+ blocks (lag!!!)
  • Server lighting still broken
  • The ender dragon flies in circles
  • Enderman AI causing high ms tick lag
  • Villager AI CPU at 100%, causes lag
Stay tuned for 1.14.1 and a fresh new Season 6!
3 months ago

Hi Brody! Tell us about what you like to build on WilderCraft! Do you have a shop? What do you like to do for fun away from the computer? =]
3 months ago