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Thanks for this Zub, I had no idea this stopped working. It's related to another bug, so I'll fix that and the counting should get fixed along with that. I'll post again when it's fixed.
2 days ago

Hey Zub! All new potions work, but old ones don't. They must be named "WilderPotion" to work.

Talk with a mod and trade your current potion for random wilder tool in the mean time to use at the forge. Thanks!
2 days ago

Thanks Zub! Build team is fixing this now.
2 days ago

Cool ideas Zub! Some of these we don't yet track but I should or will for next season.

I'll probably get to add a few of these at the end of this season and we can do a celebration.

Thank you for continuing to submit these great ideas, Zub!
9 days ago

Hi Vlad, a handful of staff cannot verify this bug. If you can get someone else to verify, or try to find more detailed steps to duplicate/recreate this issue we'll assume this is a lag issue on your client end.
14 days ago