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Hey djtmk, glad to have you at WilderCraft!
You said you did youtube and streaming? Do you think you will start making youtube or streaming again? If yes we are currently looking for youtubers and twitch streamer to cooperate with. If you are interested fill out this form:  (as long as you are doing family friendly content relating to us)
3 days ago

Wilderblades are only giving steve heads with the right "title". For example when killing endermen the sword will drop a steve head with the title "enderman head". (First reported by Richy_Zs).  Effects every mob on the list that is supposed to drop heads.

2. Priority to fix? {High, Medium, Low}
medium to high
3. Which server? {Spawn, Redwood, Cypress, Maple, Willow, Expanse, DungeonRun, Rush, Creative}
All servers with Wilderblade have to problem.
4. Steps to Reproduce: Please list the step-by-step methods to reproduce the issue
Take any Wilderblade and kill a mob on the list below:
  • Slime
  • Zombie
  • Cow
  • Spider
  • Chicken
  • Drowned
  • Rabbit
  • Skeleton
  • Squid
  • Pig
  • Guardian
  • Villager
  • Blaze
  • Ghast
  • Enderman
  • Shulker
5. Expected Outcome: What did you expect to happen?
Dropping of the correct head.
6. Actual Outcome: What happened instead?
Getting steve head with the right title
7. Proposed Fix (Optional): Do you have a suggestion?
Check for right head according to mob id.
8. Notes (Optional): Anything else we should keep in mind in relation to this issue?
9. Screenshots (Preferred): Do you have screenshots of the problem, proof or reference?
12 days ago

I was also thinking about this and think it could even be realized with simple redstone mechanism, but yes a room for this matter would be beneficial for some people :)
16 days ago

The current thing is, IF the chunks are loaded the timer continues otherwise the timer of despawning just simply stops. Most often the people that died are not aware that the timer actually was over 5 minutes thus the items despawned, that's just the general case tho!
I can see it being useful to set the timer a bit higher, for when people are exploring with elytra for example and they can't get back as fast as they wanted to and maybe someone is building in that area and loads the chunks :/
18 days ago

Hi Dambuster83,
You were warned once to change your status in discord, said you would do so but never did, after 1-2 days. Kicking you with a second warning attached to it. Rejoined an still didn't change your discord status after 1-2 days.

That is the reason for the ban on discord.
20 days ago