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1. A one-sentence summary of bug: 
The Discord link of "/discord" is not uptodate with the current one.

2. Priority to fix? Medium

3. Which server? Anywhere where /discord is available

4. Steps to Reproduce: Type "/discord "

5. Expected Outcome: Able to join the discord server.

6. Actual Outcome: Which is currently an invalid link.

7. Proposed Fix (Optional): Update the command /discord with the new current invitelink.

8. Notes (Optional): This fix would help staff alot, so we don't have to send lightfoot ranks and up the new link by ourself if they can't join the server with the current command.

9. Screenshots (Preferred): 
6 days ago

I've found a known report to this from the plugin GriefPrevention (Year 2017).

To workaround this issue, you can either claim the area where the saplings are supposed to be placed or put atleast 2 non air blocks under it.
Made a small video to show how the problem looks:
8 days ago

Hello there! 
I thought I might aswell introduce myself as I am a helper now.

My name is Tom or rather known as pwnyy (pronounced like pony), currently 27 years old. I am at the moment in my final semester for my Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Marketing, can just think of it as IT(Java,C#,etc..) + UX/UI Design and also marketing aspects included. Also doing an internship right now which is required for the B.Sc.. I am from Luxembourg, that tiny country in between Germany, France and Belgium. (Studied in Germany tho)
Language-wise you can talk to me in german, english or luxembourgish. My french is unfortunately pretty rusty but I can atleast still read and understand most.

As far as minecraft goes I started it when it came out but didn't play it all that time, rather periodically and with my own server that I had (starting with bukkit plugins then moving to modpacks).

Favorite cereal I would say Choco Pops.
16 days ago