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1. A one-sentence summary of bug: Upgrading from Pathfinder >> Mythic is 6.00USD but it is also 6.00CAD.
I assume this is the case for other currencies/upgrade tiers, and creates a loophole in which real $$$ can be abused.

2. Priority to fix? {High, Medium, Low}: High

3. Which server? {Spawn, Redwood, Cypress, Maple, Willow, Expanse, DungeonRun, Rush, Creative}: N/a

4. Steps to Reproduce: Please list the step-by-step methods to reproduce the issue
    - go to
    - select "donate for ranks" >> "upgrade current rank"
    - e.g. from my POV: Pathfinder >> Colossal/Elder = 16CAD/26CAD. However, in US currency the price is also 16USD/26USD

 Proposed Fix (Optional): Do you have a suggestion?: Define separate pricepoints for the separate currencies, so that exchange rates cannot be abused.

Notes (Optional): Anything else we should keep in mind in relation to this issue?
    - you may be already aware of this issue, as fixing it in my mind seems like a really annoying task
    - this would save you on potential losses of income, stopping users from gaming the exchange rate
7 months ago

Hey guys,  _Leya_ here.

Really hope I can get this 62-day ban reversed because I think I was caught by an automod for language.. Really wasn't meaning anything harmful. For more info: I was giving a tour of our beautiful, thriving town called GeorgeTown. I called my shop "fugly" because I hadn't built anything in it yet, and got banned about 30 seconds later..

I'm a very active member of this community, after only being on for about a week. Donated to Pathfinder about 2 days ago.. I don't have ANY malicious intent on this server, and was doing a good job of eliminating all non-PG talk, after being auto-banned for 13 mins my first day for things like "wt-eff", etc.

Please ask me for any additional info, I'm sure all the members of George Town will back me up- and they are probably confused as to why I just randomly disconnected. I really don't want to be banned for 62 days! I know how strict the language rules are but all I said was fugly, and I'm sure some of you Mods have seen me around.. I didn't mean any harm, I love the server and its policies, and I hope this can be reversed!! Tnx guys <3 
7 months ago