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Title: discord invites in redwood and cypress are expired
Summary: when running /discord in redwood and cypress the link shows as expired

Priority and Severity:


Steps to Reproduce:
run /discord on redwood or cypress and click the discord link

Expected Outcome:
a valid invite for the wildercraft discord

Actual Outcome:
expired invite link page for discord
Proposed Fix (Optional):
change the invite link and/or message to the same one in the lobby

Notes (Optional):
Screenshots (Preferred): (redwood/cypress outcome of /discord) (lobby outcome of /discord) {discord page of the link from redwood/cypress)
3 months ago

"The one issue that I could potentially see with this system is what happens to claims for new players that play on the server maybe for a day or two, then never come back? If the claims never expire, then that would mean that claim would forever be locked down and players that play extensively on the server could never utilize the space."
I dont think this is an issue because players who only play for a day or so would still have a stake on that land that they inhabit, and if they come back in a month or two their base will be the same as opposed to if they log in and their base is destroyed. As for space, it's still their space, even if theyre not very active.

As for ability to roll back player's buildings and items, mods can, but this isnt about "cans" and "can'ts" It's about preventing the issue in the first place. 
3 months ago

I'd like to see claims be available for all players. The reasoning behind keeping it at lightfoot was because "most survival servers expire claims and we want to make players feel rewarded for voting." A replacement incentive for lightfoot could be 1000 claimblocks as opposed to the 100 you get currently with the rank.

Why do i think players would enjoy this idea?
I think keeping claiming behind lightfoot turns away a quantifiable percentage of new players, and by making it free to use (albiet with playtime capping how much they can claim right away) would be more attractive to newer players, after all prevention is better than a cure.
Making it so that everyone is able to claim further promotes wilder's friendly atmosphere because it prevents players who are intentionally trolling/greifing from harassing newer players. 

i think i would rate this idea about a 2 or 3 in terms of difficulty to change
3 months ago