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4 days ago

I also love David Attenborough! It’s actually a tradition of mine to watch anything he narrates when I first move into a new place while I am unpacking. 

I don’t believe we’ve run into each other on the server (could be a time zone thing) but hopefully we do soon! 


Wow, it’s great to meet another person who watches the documentaries! I honestly thought I was the only person haha.

I hope to meet you on the server too!

10 days ago

I usually find myself building things like redstone farms, but every now and again I design random bases that I might use next season!
11 days ago

Hello people heart

Most of you have probably seen me on the server often, and probably already know me pretty well. I just discovered the new forum site, so I had the urge to post something :P

Well, first things first, I’m Australian, so g’day mate ;)
If you have any questions about Aussie, feel free to ask!

I usually spend my time at school (but it’s Christmas break now so yipee!), playing video games, usually Minecraft or Splatoon (I’m a big Splatoon nerd), exploring/travelling, reading, designing characters or drawing.

I’m interested in animals, usually travelling places just to see the different wildlife. I often watch David Attenborough clips when I’m bored (I love David Attenborough, don’t judge ;P). I’m also interested in animation, even though I’m not the best animator xD

On WilderCraft, I’m usually either building, exploring, mining, experimenting with redstone, helping players when the mods and helpers are busy, or just hanging out at spawn. I’m reasonably active, but I still go to school, so not as active as some people. I’m also Mythic rank, but I haven’t set up a shop yet surprisingly o.o

That’s about it from me ;)
Feel free to message me on here or talk to me on the server when I’m online!

Hope you people have a great 2019 ~


11 days ago