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iinspires: about 1 month ago
If you need help or for some reason need to contact me, be sure to message me here or on Discord at iinspires#8471 :D



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As long as the farm isn’t real laggy it’s allowed.

Though you might get low spawn rates because of the mob cap. Depends on how many players are on
about 1 month ago

Hey :D

After the discussion about the WilderTools on Discord I thought I’d post some feedback here.

Are they too OP?
It depends on the tool. The axe, pickaxe and shovel are all pretty disappointing for what’s considered a rare item. They only have Unbreak 1 or 2, as well as a few other enchantments that are not too exciting.
But then you get to the WilderCopia. Getting emeralds from harvesting simple crops is a little OP if you ask me. Emeralds were made to be a rare material, so getting them from harvesting crops is kind of ruining the challenge of finding them.
The only tool I find balanced is the WilderShears. They basically give you pre-crafted dye, saving the process of crafting the dye later, with a little bonus XP.

What would you change about the WilderTools?
An idea would be to possibly make the rarity higher, and increase the enchantment levels of tools like the WilderSpade, WilderAxe and WilderPick.

What other tools would you like to see?
You could create a WilderTrident, but it would be incredibly rare. I’ve seen many people on the server looking for tridents for days (including me), so adding another rare and unlikely way of earning tridents might make the struggle a tiny bit easier. To balance it it could be unenchanted, or have low enchants, so people would have to enchant it themselves.

Any ideas on balancing the tools?
As I mentioned before, increasing the rarity and enchantment levels might add a bit more balance to the system. As well as possibly nerfing the emeralds on the WilderCopia, but keeping the bonus food and a little XP. I feel like the current rarity will cause players to have decent diamond tools early in the game, which in my opinion ruins the survival spirit.

Should WilderTools be repairable?
Yes, but in the form of Mending. If all the WilderTools come with mending, people will have to find an efficient way to gain XP (like XP farms) to repair their tools.

WilderTool Recycling?
I think this is a great idea, but maybe using a little XP to recycle them would keep people from gaining loads of reasonably good tools.


Thanks for reading my feedback! 
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about 1 month ago

2 months ago

I also love David Attenborough! It’s actually a tradition of mine to watch anything he narrates when I first move into a new place while I am unpacking. 

I don’t believe we’ve run into each other on the server (could be a time zone thing) but hopefully we do soon! 


Wow, it’s great to meet another person who watches the documentaries! I honestly thought I was the only person haha.

I hope to meet you on the server too!

2 months ago

I usually find myself building things like redstone farms, but every now and again I design random bases that I might use next season!
2 months ago