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I am a 40+ year old father (yes, i am the Commodore C16 generation), tech enthusiast and Minecraft newbie. 

I started playing Minecraft 3 month ago (neeeeeewwwbieeee!!!!) because my 10yo son started playing this "blocky" game on this server and I want to know what this Minecraft thing is about.

And BAM: Minecraft got Me. Y´all got me ;) A nice game with very friendly and kind people on a family friendly server... 
This combination made me highly addicted. So I stayed here... and don´t want to leave. 

I love to play & build here. I am mostly in the end, exploring the map and building armor. 

I also build my first redstone projects, a smelter, automated brewing machine, sorting machine and several small things... (thank you, youtube) but my buildings looks like ugly bunkers from the outside and i have no idea how to rebuild them or make them look nicer. So I am waiting for the next seasons to start all over and build a nicer and more organised base. 

I am glad i found you all :* 
5 months ago