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To respond to the shops inquiry- staff actually checks constantly to see if a shop is inactive and there are shops being taken down everyday due to inactivity!! 
2 months ago

G  R A  N T I N G  A M Y T H I C  P L O T                                                                      |
  1. Make sure to take the player to the rule house and have the player read all the rules.
    1. There is a rule house at each cardinal direction at spawn. (There are also warps to these inside of /spawn) Unless we decide to go with a /$ North /$ South, etc.
  2. Then have them pick out an available plot.
    1. There will be a sign on the plot saying that it is available if it is.
  3. However, be sure to always check /trustlist before trusting in case the person before forgot to untrust.
    1. Also do /trustlist at spawn to make sure you didn’t accidentally trust the person to spawn.
  4. Use /trust to trust the person to the plot!

  1. Check /seen and be sure the person has not been on for 30 days +
  2. Prepare shulkers to hold the shop materials and inventory in.
  3. Take down the shop and also fill in any excavation that was done below the shop, and put all the shop owner’s materials and inventories in the shulker.
  4. Check the homes of the owner and be sure to return the items into one of the player’s homes.
    1. Normally place chests down and transfer the contents of the shulkers into the chests with a sign that says:
      1. “Daisyghost, Inactive mythic shop! Remaining inventory and shop materials are in these chests. Love, WilderStaff”
  5. Untrust the player from the plot.
  6. Place smooth andesite to mark the corners of the shop plot, and place a sign indicating that the shop plot is available:
    1. “Shop Plot Available! Contact staff if interested! <3”

T H I N G S  T O R E M E M B E R  & C O N S I D E R
  • Be sure to make sure the player is aware of the wilder-theme rule; if not have them contact me for a build buddy / refer to the forum for examples!
  • If the player wants to set a shop warp they’ll use the command /set$
    • They can also set a description following the command that will have key terms that players can use to search for a certain item.
    • /set$ Hi i’m daisy!! I sell mending, books, enchants, etc!

G  R A  N T I N G  A P E D D L E R  C H E S T                                                                |
  1. Find a chest with a sign that says the chest is available.
    1. Peddler chests can be found in a little peddler plot area, dispersed around the mythic plots.
  2. Be sure to make sure that the chest isn’t trusted to someone else. Check /trustlist
    1. You have to be standing directly on top of the chest to check the trustlist because the chests are subdivided claimed and are a single block.
  3. /trust the person and then check spawn’s /trustlist to be sure you didn’t trust the player into spawn.

*sometimes trusting will require you to break a block, make sure to replace the block you break!
  1. Check /seen and make sure the player has not been active for 30+ days.
  2. Break the sign, remove the items and teleport to one of the players homes and leave their items in a chest.
    1. With a sign that normally says:
      1. “Daisyghost, inactive peddler chest! Remaining inventory here. Love, WilderStaff!”
  3. Untrust the person and check /trustlist

3 months ago

Hi!! You friendly local Build Team person here, Daisy! 

We get lots of questions about what wilder theme exactly means... And it's hard to encompass into a set of rules and directions. It basically means using nature around you to make natural builds. Build team is working on compiling a set of build-team made shops that show what exactly we mean, but.... there are some gorgeous Season 5 Spawn Shops that we'd love to highlight. They are gorgeous and truly encompass what WilderTheme is!! - ZigZag Texture Pack - Shaders (TY VeganEggs for taking these!) - Vanilla Minecraft 
4 months ago

Go WilderFish!

Hey Wilder Wanderer :)), Enjoy the calming seas? The wind in your hair, the salt of the ocean wafting to your face, and your dog by your side. 

It’s the natural wilder way; old-fashioned fishing, no redstone, no fish farms, just a person and their fishing rod, facing the seas, catching the feesh. 

It’s your calling and it’s time to answer that call; go fish! 


G E N E R A L F A Q S 

The fishing competition will be open for one week, 7 days: opening on Sunday and ending the following Sunday at the same time. 

WilderFish will take place at the docks at spawn, (near the end portal). Access this dock by turning right from the spawn house and following the path and the docks can be seen on the right, adjacent to the end portal path. (This competition is limited to only Wildercraft, not on Expanse)

Do I bring anything? 
Just bring your favorite fishing rod, or there will be ones available at the docks! 

Can I fish somewhere else besides the docks? 
Only fish caught at the docks will earn points and be registered for the competition.

How do I check my stats or other players stats? 
Use these commands: 
/wilderfish leaderboard — this will reveal the leaderboard
/wilderfish mytotal — reveals your personal total, along with points achieved
/wilderfish playertotal playername — use this to find out another players’ stats

The highest scorer will win a custom wilder reward along with XP! 
The two runner-ups will receive prizes from WilderStaff, curated by the WilderStaff 
Anyone who gets more than 50 thousand points will receive a subsidiary prize!
Each item fished will correspond to a number of point, they vary depending on each item (even through the level of enchantment) 

Don’t forget to thank Coral_Papa for his amazing work and dedication in designing the custom one-of-a-kind Wilder code for this amazing fishing tourney. Thank you for your contributions and continual willingness to create, help, and better Wildercraft. 

Have fun and keep on fishing!
5 months ago

Hello members of the Wildercraft Family!

Just take a second and remember a moment in Wildercraft that makes you truly love and cherish this place. It could've been your first day, your first gift, your first collaboration. Write down a single memory that touched your heart through Wildercraft, thank you for your participation.


The Wildercraft Team 
6 months ago