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i have been a player here on wildercraft since 2017 around august (almost 2 years), at first i didnt know if i was gonna like it but as sooon as i came onto the server i was welcomed with open arms <3 by redbau and the mod team :D over the course of two years of me playing i have developed many friendships with players and mods and even redbau himself :D at times ive had dark moments in real life and i reached out to members of this community (even tho its only minecraft) and people listened to me and have calmed me down etc. 

there is a lot of love here and honestly wildercraft and its players means the world to me a hell of a lot ;-; and i aint going anywhere just yet so i am gonna be sticking around xx so this is what wildercraft means to me. wilder is apart of my life now <3 ive never ever grown so attached to a game like this xxx
5 months ago

hello guys and girls :D my name is bowdie-jason or in game bluewinterforest :D, i have been on wildercraft for almost 2 years :O to know me i am 18 almost 19 years of age and i live in australia :D i am a lgbt guy (im gay) with ADHD :D i am a nurse in real life but right now working as a emergency dispatcher :D, in 2019 i am going back to study registered nursing :D. i specialize in mental health and that is what i want to persue :D

snapchat: bluewinter34
facebook: bowdie-jason ciro papagni
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