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Just make it so only certainranks can do it. Like, pathfinder up.
7 days ago

I just want to say, that one of the main reasons I joined wildercraft was for its traditional market style. I hated a menu for selling items, since you cant really advertise or show off some building skills. Ik that spawn is getting crowded, but I also think this isn't the best way to fix that. That's why I like mars' idea, and would like to see that.
10 days ago

Crafting. DEFINITELY crafting, since you would most likely want a bunch of these and it would be nice for f2p players to have a little new thing to be able to make but not having to spend money. I reccomend a recipe like, 8 cobblestone (like usual), and then a db in the center or something :P. That being said, it's probably going into the wildercrate in a stack of 64 of them...
10 days ago

I thought the same, but before purchasing, found out it was randomized. I didn't care, though, so I bought it and used it, and got "zeus's sword" (name probably wrong, but the golden sword that only electrified pigs at the time). I was unsatisfied, but it was fair. I think that maybe you have 2 options: a cheaper, randomized key, and a more expensive, selection key. This will make it more balanced and provide more options
15 days ago

Also, maybe each pack should come with a pig axe or two, so that you can get the spawners? Maybe sell pig axes by themselves?
16 days ago