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_Leya_: 3 days ago
beck could you please add me on discord? Leya#5095

emmasolo: about 1 year ago
lemme get uhhhh



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1. A one-sentence summary of bug: Ancient Shield doesn't add any health when in off hand

2. Priority to fix? Medium to high

3. Steps to Reproduce: Hold an ancient shield in your off hand

4. Proposed Fix (Optional): Change the attribute modifier's max health to 22
1 day ago

1. A one-sentence summary of bug: Donation broadcast's do not show correctly on Expanse and say {packagename} instead of the item bought

2. Priority to fix? Low

3. Which server? Expanse

9. Screenshots (Preferred): 

1 day ago

I think it would be easier and more player friendly to just set it so that 5 or 10 minutes of no activity automatically sets the player as afk. I would rather not have players kicked just for the convenience of others. 
4 days ago

1. A one-sentence summary of bug: Both Expanse and Spawn reboot around 1:50am EST. This leads to everyone in spawn getting teleported to the lobby halfway through expanse's reboot, and then being sent to expanse. This includes any brand new ferals that just joined even though they aren't the required rank to enter

2. Priority to fix? Medium

3. Which server? Expanse, Spawn, and Lobby

7. Proposed Fix (Optional): Move either expanse or spawn to a slightly different reboot schedule.
6 days ago