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Do you mean like for every sentence another color? 
15 hours ago

Then its more pay to win type deal
3 days ago

When a player is more then 5 standing still auto activate the /afk command for them. 
Alot of ppl go afk without using the command but it is very annoying for the online and active players on expanse because they cant skip the night due to 1 or 2 ppl who are afk without the command
3 days ago

Since every player who play on expanse have the afk command can we maybe auto kick the players who are afk for more then 10 min (instead of 60 min) when they are not using the afk command. So skiping the night by using the command and 1 person sleeping is possible at all time since inactive without the command get kicked within the mc day. 
7 days ago

Oh I asked capndiln this and got told helpers can only do a certain amount of warnings but it wont auto ban someone when a certain amount of warnings is reached. My idea came from other servers where they have a system like this. 
about 1 month ago