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Due to the coronavirus and countries being on lockdown and pretty much no socializiation, to lighten the moods of it all. I think it would be good to have a movie night using and then setting it all up. You and as many other people as you'd like can watch the same Netflix movie/series at the same time.  Just thought this could improve our community and would lighten the spirits. :)
2 months ago

Added to bug spreadsheet.
5 months ago

Why does this feel very targetted...
5 months ago

There is a problem going on that despawns villagers and I'm pretty sure it's to do with the FarmLimiter plugin, where you are only allowed 50 mobs in a certain area, and this can get very annoying with villagers. Because you will spend a real life day trying to get a good price for an enchantment book and once you get it, next day the villager will despawn. In addition, you waste alot of golden apples and splash potions of weakness trying to get there prices lower. My idea is that the villagers shouldn't apply to the FarmLimiter (having only 50 mobs in an area).

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5 months ago

In Dungeon Runs once getting iron, redstone by using a water bucket and breaking it off the ground and getting redstone torches off walls. You can make activator rails, and then get tnt minecarts by making a minecart out of the iron you get given in chests and combining it with tnt. Then you can place the activator rail, get a redstone torch to power it and place a tnt minecart and you can destroy the surrounding blocks. Don't know if this is patched.
6 months ago