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Why will players enjoy this idea?
Players will enjoy this idea because elytras are a hard to obtain item as you have to travel all the way to the end cities and only have a small chance to have a ship with an elytra in it. 
So with another method of obtaining an elytra (one of the most valuable and hardest to obtain items), it will give more players an opportunity to have an elytra and fly around: rather than having to buy one from the shops which can be quite pricey! 
How does this idea help or enhance the values of WilderCraft?
WilderCraft has its own turn on the game, adding a special ruby dragon which can give a tremendous amount of xp, ruby keys to get special wildertools and rewards!
People can group together to fight there almighty ender dragon and complete the end boss. And the ender dragon fight has pretty much no rewards, except for a small amount of xp. So it would be a good idea for a random person, who contributed to the dragon, to get an elytra!
How hard would it be to add this idea?
This is for redbau to decide, our amazing owner and fellow player!
But in my opinion I think 8/10?
23 days ago

Players will be able to actively bid on a certain item, which has been put on auction by any player (this could be rank exclusive). It will last a certain time and will be actively going on in chat and players can bid and the player can set a starting bid of whatever currency the auctioneer decides on (such as diamonds or Emeralds). The players bidding will have to have the currency needed in their inventory .
This will be useful because it means that anyone can easily access the sale of something from the comfort of their base, rather than having to go to spawn and trade or visit the shops.
A command could be /auction which describes how to start an auction in the chat. Aswell as that people can decide a starting bid, 

On a scale of 1-10, I don’t really know as that is for redbau to decide as it will require a plugin or some coding. 
26 days ago