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In Dungeon Runs once getting iron, redstone by using a water bucket and breaking it off the ground and getting redstone torches off walls. You can make activator rails, and then get tnt minecarts by making a minecart out of the iron you get given in chests and combining it with tnt. Then you can place the activator rail, get a redstone torch to power it and place a tnt minecart and you can destroy the surrounding blocks. Don't know if this is patched.
2 days ago

When you first join expanse you will be a feral, and a mod will have to bump you up to your normal rank. (This happens to alot of new players on expanse).
2 days ago

Whilst on Expanse and not on Cypress and Redwood the /wilderlist command makes a majority of the players names grey (indicating their a feral), which is not the case.
2 days ago

A few days ago redbau tried to fix the wilder potions so they could be wilderforged, this did not work and I don't think he's aware and would like to point it out that it still needs fixing.
No hurry though.
2 days ago