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I think I would prefer the implementation of a currency  system it can be crafted out of diamonds that way diamonds can still be the stable source but it would be easier to implement then a multiple stack sales change like it can be 1 diamond with 8 cobble can make 8 Wilder coins and the recipe is reverseuble so 8 Wilder coins for one diamond.
10 months ago

greeting ladies and gentlemen and all other that perceive my existence. I am Zavarin! the one and only! the worker of the wal-mart the sleeper of the bed. I have come to bless you with my presence. but for real heyo I am Zavarin i played minecraft in beta and used to play a lot but i always stop and go back to life stuff but then i always come back and well i am back and ready to build and have fun hopefully i find some cool people to play with. after all that is one of the fun parts of playing minecraft. I work a tun but I will try to make some time to build and have fun on here. after all it seems like a nice server... idk maybe it's that ever time i find a server to play on the owner has red in their name redeyes, red, redbau, Michael .... ok the last one dus not match but i think it was red something in game anyway hope to see you in game .
about 1 year ago