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Hello :3 

Hey peeps I'm from New Zealand.
I'm a normally silly but quiet person and tend to just do my own thing unless someone needs help.

I do play a lot of games so I am not on Minecraft as often as when I first started, but I try to put in a few hours every day or two. If I can stay focused on building and not being side tracked by something.

Likes: Hmm I have too many to state, mostly Games be them computer, board or card games. Drawing when I'm in the mood, and just generally being Helpful. 
Dislikes: Being judged or used, rude people. (I’m normally really tolerant but only to a point)

This was the first multiplayer server I chose when starting Minecraft and I have stuck with it since joining. It's wonderful and friendly, and that is something I adore. Thank you all for having me on this server even as quiet and in the background as I am. 

11 months ago