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Description: In case anyone doesn't already know, the Minecraft Dropper Minigame is a series of very challenging levels, in which you jump from a very tall height and have to avoid obsticles to land in a small block of water.  What I'm proposing doesn't have to be a whole minigame at first.  It can be just a part of spawn in Redwood and Cypress with a giant hole to challenge yourself or friends to!

Players would like this because?  Frankly it's a fun passtime and fun to see if you have the dexterity/stamina to do it haha!

On a scale of 1-10, I'd say this is relitively easy to do in spawn with just a hole, so 1!!!  But to make a full minigame, I would still think it would be pretty easy, depending on coding involved, soooo 2-4 is my guess.

PS: I'd be willing to help with the level (or levels)!!
6 months ago

Title: Issue with double chests
Summary: Double chest issue with the last 2-3 slots not working and freezing (lagging?) up.

Priority and Severity: C

Server: Redwood

Steps to Reproduce: Just simply try different chests.  It seems to not be an issue in empty chests or almost empty chests.  Has happened to me sparadically 2 or 3 times in the last couple days (as of writing this).  Makes me think it's chest lag possibly?  And only has happened while trying to click or move items to and from the last 2-3 slots in DOUBLE chests.  Again, doesn't appear to happen in single chests.

Expected Outcome: To move items as usual

Actual Outcome: Last few slots freeze/lag up n the bottom right hand corner. DOUBLE CHESTS NOT SINGLES.

Proposed Fix (Optional): Sorry no clue xD

Notes (Optional): This may or may not happen in single chests as well, and it seemed to be fixed when i Alt + Tabbed out to come write this.  Exiting and relogging MC didnt solve it.

Screenshots (Preferred): Can't really take screenshots as its an invisible glitch lol and don't have a screen recorder to take a video, but wouldn't really work either.
6 months ago

My idea is a party system.  You know like World of Warcraft has.  Just a simple dumbed down one is all that I'm saying.  EXP and maybe even loot share.  EXP for sure.  The loot share could be for enchanted items the mob (or boss) has on,m or super rare items.  Just like how Common, Rare, and EPic items are in Warcraft.

- Why will players enjoy this idea?
It'll add a new dynamic to playing with friends.  And it would greatly help dungeons.
- How does this idea help or enhance the values of WilderCraft? (Kindness and cooperation, hard survival gameplay has costs, power has trade-offs) This would greatly encourage teamwork, cooperation and kindness hands down!!
- On a scale of 1-10 (1=easy, 10=hard/complex) how complex is this idea? Not sure about coding, but there is a full WoW Mod out there floating around somewhere (for reference).  I'd say probly between 4-8/10

You can contact me ingame if you ahve any questions, comments or clarification. :)

6 months ago

Haha I haven't played since 1.8 either xD
6 months ago

Come check out my assorted goodies in my humble lil Peddler chest!  I have varying items from useful gear, food, farm materials, and sometimes armor!!

Just type:
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