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Hello! My idea today is a command to see what staff is online, the reason I thought of this is because sometimes it’s easier to contact staff in game, so if there’s a command to see staff online staff can react faster!

hows does this fall into wildercrafts themes?

it falls into wilders themes
because imo it’s will be easier to get hold of staff, meaning any grieving or anything breaking the rules can be dealt with faster and efficient!

how difficult is your idea?

i would say 3-4 because you can already see online players with /wl meaning you could add onto that with /wl staff

thanks for your time


4 months ago


By the looks of it do you mean a chest that players can put some stuff inside? So it’s like a donation/give to all sort of thing? I think this reminds me of the 3 chests that used to be at spawn in season 6, so imo I think this is a good idea!


4 months ago

As far as I know this actually already happens if a player is in the discord and has an in game ban
5 months ago

Hiya! this forum post is to ask/talk about maybe adding wilder armour pieces,

These items help keep in the wildertheme as they are basically just max diamond armour, for an example of max armour:
-Protection 5
-Unbreaking 3
-Extra enchantments E.G. Feather falling or Aqua Inf

This would also encourage players to give more time into voting or even just loging in to try and gain some nice max armour from doing a vote!

My idea is probably around a 2-3 as it would be a reward of different items for example:
in one vote i gain a WilderHelm
and then in another maybe in another week i get a WilderEgis (Chestplate)
so on it all depends of the armour piece

Thank you for you time
5 months ago

Hiya! this is just a little note/message to coral for offhand items not being a thing that gets transfered accross servers

the issue is a B imo

all s7 servers (maybe even spawn)

-what had happend is i went from S7 redwood to S7 willow and when changing from these servers i noticed my shield didnt come over (was in my offhand) 
-my expected outcome is to have my shield alongside my inventory 
-the actual outcome is that i lost my shield 
-my proposal to fix is to just have a look at what can be done to fix/recover offhand items incase its not just me who has lost off hand items
-notes (none)
- i dont have any screen shots to give/supply i do apologise for that

thanks for your time!
5 months ago