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Hello! so recently i was playing on Redwood server and a player started to vote, when it said they had voted they had (0) aperaring next to their vote count, this had happened twice, and i have a screen shot as my eveidence.

server: Redwood
i cant provide the step by step process
with the bug i'd expect the player vote count go up
what i got was their vote count to stay at 0

im not sure what i can do to propose the bug fixing, but please look into this!

heres the screen shot i have
3 days ago

Reply to red:
What i see often is that some newer player (ferals) seem to claim they have voted already, but clearly have not, theres been a few times where i've encountered this myself and what i feel is that something that could be add is something a long the lines of

"Hello! you seem to be struggling to vote right? well.......
- click the 3 links
- enter your current in game name
- and fill in the human verification (if shown)
- then simply press "click here to send your vote"
then you're done! congratualtions on your first vote! enjoy your stay at wildercraft - red and staff"

i this is still not as discriptive and helpful then let me know and i will take a few to think of a more pollished way to say these simple steps!
thanks for your time yet again
14 days ago

im here to ask if a new comand can be added for the Ferals who need a bit of a hand with /vote as i see that can be a very common factor people see a lot when they first join!
i think this would effect the community in a posative aspect as it helps the newer members of the comunity, and it also helps the people who also has to try and explain it. So instead of this i think a comand for e.g. /votehelp
this comand will help with voting containing the basic info to players who need a hand with their votes
I think on a scale of 1-10 on the dificulty it would be around a 3 or 4 as its not hard but it might be for the person trying to come up with a non complicated way to explain votes!
thanks for reading 
16 days ago

I think it's not that bad of an idea! But... if there is such rank after that it's just going to be an endless loop for the deemed "highest" rank.
about 1 month ago

1. sksksksksk
2. scrunchie
3. hydroflask
please help rid of the vsco girl community
3 months ago