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So nice in fact that it's already in place! Yay! =D Your wish has been granted *eternal dragon meme image here*
11 days ago

Oof, sorry,Ā topvesko. I can say, personally, after months on WilderCraft, the mods here care. There may be one off incidents where things aren't handled as well as we'd like, but all the mods here are people, just like the players.

Disagreements can happen, and it's why there's a team of mods. If the mod was in the wrong, I'm sure it can be straightened out. I can confidently say, your advice not to waste your time is ill given here. Someone would be hard pressed to find a better place to play; give WilderCraft a chance, you won't be disappointed.

I forgot to comment on anonymously discussing a particular incident apart from the mod it happens with- That's where having Discord to directly contact a mod and knowing what do to or who to reach out to is super helpful. Most veteran players can and will recommend this already.
13 days ago

I don't believe it's going to change. Generator upgrades are part of the advancement tree when there is no additional islands to bridge to.
17 days ago

This sounds like a waste of time to me. It's been discussed before also, minecarts and boats are the ways we get them around. Smoothie and I move some villagers away from a breeder using a waterway. I mean, there's options out there, and the fact that it's not easy or surefire doesn't mean it needs some kind of solution.

I'd much rather see the time and effort spent on other features/tools.
19 days ago

Can you post the link for block generation attempts per chunk? I'm having a hard time finding it. Based on your information, getting a diamond ore block in a chunk of diorite converted using the WilderItem is only 3.3x more likely, which is not a huge margin by any means, considering the rairity of diamonds to begin with. It's possible that a simple rate adjustment would be all that's nessaccary to bring the odds in parity with the odds of diamonds, but I feel that conflicts with the overall spirit of WilderItems in general.
24 days ago