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Hey Tonka!

Cool idea, not sure how possible it is, but we're going to be looking into this! Thanks for the suggestion, sorry for delayed response!

-Wilder Staff Team
9 days ago

Summary: Antboy7 was having issues with his villagers restocking much later and slower than normal & some wouldn't pickup jobs. 

Priority and Severity: B

Server: Cypress

Steps to Reproduce: Go to Cypress and try to have villagers pickup jobs / around their expected restock and work time, will appear very slow, I believe. 

Expected Outcome: Villagers pickup their new job if they aren't locked almost immediately after work station is placed. \

Actual Outcome: Villagers sometimes pickup their new job within 5-10 minutes of pathfinding their work station, sometimes never pickup a job. 

Notes: Nothing has changed since 1.14.4 except plugins and server related things, so I don't think it's version / mojang related, but still a possibility. I'm thinking Cypress is experiencing some trouble with lag? I haven't had issues on Redwood with these things but they say it's common on Cypress. 
about 1 month ago

Summary: Entities such as item frames, armor stands, mobs, etc are sometimes "invisible" and don't show up on Voxelmap or using F3 + B to see hitboxes - and you are unable to interact with them (armor stands and item frames)

Priority and Severity: B (semi-uncommon)

Server: Redwood (but I've heard on Cypress as well)

Steps to Reproduce: Not sure exactly what causes this to occur, it happened when I first logged on & again later randomly, they seemed to "disappear" even while standing in the area, but I could still hear my bird, yet they didn't appear on the Voxelmap. 

Notes: This happened to myself, but I wasn't going to write a bug report on it since it was already known & it was just me, but another player named qaladien experienced the same exact issue where all his item frames went missing. As a temporary fix, Richy had suggested to me earlier that I restart my entire client and see what that does - and they did reappear. So qaladien and I tried this again at his place. The strange thing is, they dont appear for anyone, but after leaving the area & relogging the client, they appear again. Sorry, no screen shots but it'd only be a before and after of relogging in and out of our clients.
about 1 month ago

Useful commands to know for shops

   /set$ (description)

This command is used to set your shop's warp where you're standing & help players find your shop using the search tool. 
Pretend your shop sells books for iron blocks. The command would look like this: /set$ Books 
Whenever a player uses /search$ Books your shop will appear on the list. 

    /search$ (description)

This command is the search function to find specific player shops or items within the shopping districts. 
I'm looking for shulkers. I type /search$ shulker and I get a message saying "Try another /search$, friend!" This means there are no shops with shulker boxes in their description, but it doesn't necessarily mean there aren't any for sale. 

    /$ (playername)

This command is used to warp to a players shop if they have the /set$ placed. 
Pretend my warp is placed in front of my shop. Type /$ Swoven and you'll be teleported exactly where my warp was set. 

2 months ago

-minor bug, but it happens whenever you right click (block, eat, etc) within 5 seconds after opening doors
2 months ago