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Useful commands to know for shops

   /set$ (description)

This command is used to set your shop's warp where you're standing & help players find your shop using the search tool. 
Pretend your shop sells books for iron blocks. The command would look like this: /set$ Books 
Whenever a player uses /search$ Books your shop will appear on the list. 

    /search$ (description)

This command is the search function to find specific player shops or items within the shopping districts. 
I'm looking for shulkers. I type /search$ shulker and I get a message saying "Try another /search$, friend!" This means there are no shops with shulker boxes in their description, but it doesn't necessarily mean there aren't any for sale. 

/$ (playername)

This command is used to warp to a players shop if they have the /set$ placed. 
Pretend my warp is placed in front of my shop. Type /$ Swoven and you'll be teleported exactly where my warp was set. 

5 days ago

-minor bug, but it happens whenever you right click (block, eat, etc) within 5 seconds after opening doors
7 days ago

Title: Ruby Dragon Critical Fumble Durability 
Summary: Bows seemed to take an excessive amount of damage from the critical fumbles, sometimes to 0 or to negative numbers

Priority and Severity: B

Server: Redwood but probably any Ruby Dragon.

Steps to Reproduce: Shoot the ruby dragon with your bow until you get a critical fumble and watch your durability. Mine went from 143 to -6

Expected Outcome: The critical fumble would deal a large amount of damage, but not take your weapon from half durability to less than 0.

Actual Outcome: Several people during the Ruby fight reported loss of a bow from high durability or large amounts of damage almost destroying their bows.

8 days ago

Title: No Vote Rewards / Vote Didn't Go Through
Summary: Several players have reported their votes didn't go through or their rewards never ended up in their inventory and the chat didn't acknowledge them getting a reward, only the vote. They all said they were on the appropriate servers while voting and not in the lobby or offline.

Priority and Severity: B

Server: All Servers

Steps to Reproduce: Vote 

Expected Outcome: Earn rewards, get a vote, vote again the next day

Actual Outcome: Earn no rewards and get a vote or earn no vote and no rewards. Can't vote again, other players can't vote for you either as the username already voted and recieved nothing

10 days ago

Title: Grief Prevention - No Auto-Fill & Trouble With Trust
Summary: Commands related to grief prevention (claims) don't seem to be autofilling as they once would such as /trust /claimlist /accesstrust & a player on Cypress was having trouble trusting another player to their claim. 

Priority and Severity: C (unless other players have trouble trusting) 

Server: All Servers

Steps to Reproduce: Attempt to get an auto-fill for any of the commands related to grief prevention using tab when typing a command.

Expected Outcome: Auto-filling commands, not being highlighted red, being shown as an incomplete or unaccessable command

Actual Outcome: No auto-fill options on typing in the commands & no commands shown 


10 days ago