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Hey Harpyia13!

Sorry for the delayed response here, awesome suggestions. I've been working closely with the "newly" formed Rules team to fix a few commands for the player experience, I will bring this idea along with a few others to the next meeting! 
15 days ago

Hey Makanaski!

Totally on the Coral_Papa-to-do list, should be on it's way once we finish up a few other things we have lined up! Might be slightly different from what you describe, I'm not completely sure what exactly it will look like, but do note, it's a thing!
15 days ago

Hey gplayer5!

Sorry for the delayed response! We're totally looking into this, rest assured we will try to do the same thing here that we did with the Ruby Dragon / Ender Dragon when there was a similar problem with them.
15 days ago

Hey Qaladien2!

The only problem with this is that we have very limited space in our current spawn. I like the idea though, we might look into this as something for next season perhaps, but no promises! Also, players have the ability to purchase "warps at spawn", which isn't quite the same as shop warps, but very similar if they were looking to make a shop outside of spawn!
15 days ago

Hey Bluesnowflake!

Awesome idea, we're looking into ways to either make Wilderberries a bit more useful or simply set it so Pathfinders+ can't receive them. Currently looking for feedback on both the discord channel #community-feedback & also here on the forums in this post! Fire away with suggestions folks, we're all ears!
15 days ago