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Hey KitsuGalaxy!

We added the fox egg to the /donate page! It will be added as a vote reward soon as well, thanks for the suggestion!
2 months ago

Hey friends! I would like to invite all of you to post your ideas, suggestions, custom items, or feedback!

Anything suggested here must follow the Wildercraft rules of thumb: Kindness and cooperation, power has trade-offs and survival gameplay has costs

For those of you creating custom items, please follow these guidelines:
  • Your item must not be too OP (for instance: a fortune IV pickaxe. Stick to the vanilla enchants if you can!)
  • Your item must be doable. Don't suggest something we can't do, or PM me if you're unsure before posting!
  • Wildercraft rules of thumb as listed above. Powerful items have trade-offs (ex: breaking wheat with the wildercopia doesn't drop seeds)
Follow this format when creating a post:
How does this idea keep in line with Wildercraft themes? (Wilderstyle, Power has trade-offs, survival gameplay has consequences)
How difficult is your idea to implement? (1-10)

NOTE: Your idea will automatically be sent to our discord channel labeled #ideas-and-feedback and will be voted on by you (the players)!
3 months ago

Hey Harpyia13!

Sorry for the delayed response here, awesome suggestions. I've been working closely with the "newly" formed Rules team to fix a few commands for the player experience, I will bring this idea along with a few others to the next meeting! 
4 months ago

Hey Makanaski!

Totally on the Coral_Papa-to-do list, should be on it's way once we finish up a few other things we have lined up! Might be slightly different from what you describe, I'm not completely sure what exactly it will look like, but do note, it's a thing!
4 months ago

Hey gplayer5!

Sorry for the delayed response! We're totally looking into this, rest assured we will try to do the same thing here that we did with the Ruby Dragon / Ender Dragon when there was a similar problem with them.
4 months ago