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No_L1fe_360: about 1 month ago
i just filled the ban appeal out the right way.

GiorgioMC: about 1 year ago

GiorgioMC: about 1 year ago

GiorgioMC: about 1 year ago
Rich, i dont have the discord link and i want to ban appeal my ban, i dont have the instructions, help

Laineyyz: about 1 year ago
Hi Richy.. I dont know where else to go for help. can you help me pls? I couldn't stay on the server.. I mean I can log on, but after a few secs I will be kicked out with the error saying An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.. before this happened i had a massive lag when trying to fly, but I couldnt take off, then i went into the cave and suddenly I am flying bouncing off the wall like crazy. then that's when i lost connection and couldn't stay on since. Can u pls help me?



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We'd need a way of confirming it is them on the new account before we proceed. Are they still on the discord under their old name?

3 days ago

Please read the stickied thread at the top of this forum and follow the instructions to file your appeal.



about 1 month ago

1. A one-sentence summary of bug: Using ruby chest produces duplicate message in chat

2. Priority to fix? Low

3. Which server?

4. Steps to Reproduce:
Use ruby key on ruby chest

5. Expected Outcome:
One notif in chat

6. Actual Outcome: Two notifs in chat, second one delayed by around a minute

7. Proposed Fix (Optional):

8. Notes (Optional):
Anything else we should keep in mind in relation to this issue?

9. Screenshots (Preferred): 
Do you have screenshots of the problem, proof or reference?

2 months ago

I do like the idea behind having a way of auctioning things, I think programming it may be a bit more tricky though.

Also what would happen if the item goes over 64 diamonds, would that be an auto win? Or would it go to 65 diamonds? That also depends on the chest having enough space inside to hold the payment.

And what safeguards are there against someone trolling and running the bid up without having enough diamonds, or using alts / other players to run up the bid?

Overall I like the idea, I just think implementation would be tricky.

3 months ago

The idea of a season reset is a new start for everyone, starting from scratch again is part of the fun and the challenge. Having the ability to carry any kind of equipment over would essentially nullify that and give some players an unfair advantage.
4 months ago