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Laineyyz: 6 months ago
Hi Richy.. I dont know where else to go for help. can you help me pls? I couldn't stay on the server.. I mean I can log on, but after a few secs I will be kicked out with the error saying An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.. before this happened i had a massive lag when trying to fly, but I couldnt take off, then i went into the cave and suddenly I am flying bouncing off the wall like crazy. then that's when i lost connection and couldn't stay on since. Can u pls help me?



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Don't think it would be that easy to setup tbh. Afaik it would need pvp enabled for everyone in the world.. and that would lead to more coding work needed just for it.

Also its kind of against the spirit of Wildercraft..
6 days ago

Title: End city homes still work after reset
Summary: End city homes still working even after resets

Priority and Severity:


Steps to Reproduce:
Make a home in the end, such as an end city ship
Wait for reset
Warp straight to it, and grab the loot

Expected Outcome:
End homes should be invalidated by resets

Actual Outcome:
They remain valid

Proposed Fix (Optional):
Invalidate end homes after resets

Notes (Optional):

Screenshots (Preferred):
7 days ago

This is an idea that's currently being worked on.
21 days ago

Gives me a Subnautica vibe looking at that.

Looks awesome btw!
4 months ago

I think by now most people are familiar with the Dungeon Run, and have tried it at least once so we're interested in hearing your views on it and how we could improve it going forward. We're interested in peoples views on things like:-
  • What you enjoyed about it
  • What you disliked about it
  • If you could make any changes to it, what would you change
  • Your views on time taken per run
  • How you feel about the rewards
Also feel free to discuss any other ideas/suggestions you may have on it.
5 months ago