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The counter for the weekly and monthly reward dont need to reset. If it was 10 votes it can still be 10 votes.
about 1 month ago

There is also a message when placing blocks on the boarder of a claim that pops out every time.
about 1 month ago

You can skip the night if everyone sleep or /afk. For me the best solution would be to auto afk if you dont move after 5min.Then you can ask chat and the online players can sleep or afk.
about 1 month ago

And what if I dont want to skip the night and all the others do?
about 1 month ago

I never understood why the main island had to reset, I know that in single player reseting the end but keeping the main island is easy and I don't think that it's any different for a server. Keeping the islang and maybe the void too could help people start building bases there and dont only have a farm that would have to build over and over again.
about 1 month ago