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Or it can only work at spawn
6 days ago

I love building big, sometimes too big but I hate having to lose everything after a few months so I moved to expance but I realy miss some of the wilder tools I used to have. My idea is a new expance with some of the special wilder items either by voting or by donate only and only some of them or an entire new collection.
22 days ago

We already have a 64x furnace in vanilla, you can very easily make a super smelter. Theirs alot of very easy designs and you can simply follow a tutorial if you don't know how to make one.
about 1 month ago

Another 1 could be that only 1 need to sleep to skip the night but it pop up a message to everyone that in 10sec that night will be skiped and if someone want it to be night can type something like /nightskipcansel
about 1 month ago

As alot of ppl are asking because you cant sleep to skip bad weather it feels like it's always raining. Maybe we can make it so rain and storms are less frequent.
about 1 month ago