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Not to shoot the idea down, but this could potentially allow for more x-ray than anything, and how would the transition between spectator and regular work? With spectator mode, you can travel over 100 blocks in just about a second with the scroll wheel. Would you just pop back to where you turned it on in the first place? Or perhaps someone if trying to keep something hidden, this would completely break that.
5 months ago

Maybe add another world, I know that the expanse was just created, but something that I would personally love would be a Creative Freebuild experience on the server.
  • A teleport from spawn just like the expanse server
  • Only available to a certain rank and up
  • Small spawn area in a large flat world
  • NO PLOTS (Please...)
  • Free Build, anyone is able to build wherever they want, however big
  • No griefing, as per the usual rules (maybe golden shovel? Otherwise mod enforced)
  • Build competitions every few months (Not too different from the last Halloween event) 
  • Redstone and Water are allowed but again, this server would only be available to the higher ranks so there would be less probability of misuse
  • No worldbuilder (Wooden axe/diamond sword special commands, gotta keep it vanilla)
My final note is that I do understand completely that this would be a long term thing that would be worked on, and I do not expect an immediate response or creation. However, I just wanted to propose this idea of mine due to the lacking of good (Or any at all...) free build servers, and I feel that Wildercraft would be the perfect community to utilize this underused genre of servers.

Thank you, I hope that my message is regarded well and that consideration takes place under my request.
5 months ago

Just about everything, This is where I will be putting all of my Items from now on. All organized by hand :D
6 months ago

Secured by a double key system on the top floor, and locked behind a swift 5x5 vault door, my new storage system is complete!

With over 100 chests and 2 Etho Octobox storage systems, this is the ultimate storage solution.

6 months ago

I do find that once you have all the different types of wildertools, you already have collected a nice set of near max enchanted tools for yourself already, wildertools or not, so having a recycling system would be perfect in my opinion, or perhaps they could be traded in for "vote points" not such that you would get the rewards for each individual bonus vote but they contribute to ranking up (i.e. 1 wilderaxe for 5 vote points.) {while it is another qualm of mine that an exponential ranking system works in some cases it gets to be too much especially for that big 760 that is a very large hurdle for many players seeking to rank up all the way without having to pay or play for many many days. But, I digress and return to the topic}

And yes, they should be repairable, or at least all have mending on them.

Also, it is kind of inconsistent with how the regular diamond tools, bar the hoe, all don't have special XP rewards or bonus items but the other ones do and in some fashion should gain similar functionality to tools like the hoe and shears.
Perhaps then, as an example, a widershovel will occasionally grant the user some XP, or a widerpick will auto-smelt ingot ores.

As for other tools, maybe we get some wilderarmor? Each piece has its own special ability, (helmet provides sight underwater, chestplate has thorns that don't take durability, leggings which give a 2 block jump, or boots that increase walking speed {which would be EXTREMELY helpful on a server with a map this large.]) P.S. maybe if they are too op make them gold armor?

And that also brings up the idea, why not a golden wilderpick or other tools? If it has mending they will not break as easily but will have a greater mining speed and may not need the special abilities that I gave above for the other diamond ones?

I hope that none of my opinions on the matter were either too much or too little, but the best I can wish for is some more discussion on the topic. Thank you.
7 months ago