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I personally think that the pick, axe, spade, and sword are a bit of a let down. For example the hoe gives you extra crops and the shears give dye. I think it could be cool if the pick could get up to fortune 5 and give xp when mining ores like iron and gold... for the sword maybe looting 5 sharpness 6 or 7? May be a bit much. For the axe it would be cool if you mined one log the whole tree comes down, but that's not very vanilla... tbh axes and shovels are kinda pointless when it comes to enchanting. One thing I have NEVER seen is wilder boots... so I have to opinion on those lol. As of right now this is all I can think of lol. 
5 months ago

Hello, my name is Miles.
I am from Georgia (the state not the country)
Currently 18 Years old
I don't like to write long things and am confused by the English language. Live and Live
6 months ago