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Quote to bowman, yeah you're right about that, im not sure but maybe theres a option for that

Quote to Swagg, Well I play on a laptop when i am in the bed i cant use the mouse and its really annoying using the 1-9 numbers, if you dislike that you have the option to keep playing without it since its a clientside mod, its not a server feature just like voxelmap, there's people who dislike it :)
about 1 month ago

Description: Its basically a mod that auto switch tools, for example if you are looking at sand with a pickaxe it autoswitch to a shovel. and so on
How does this idea keep in line with Wildercraft themes? (Wilderstyle, Power has trade-offs, survival gameplay has consequences) This doesnt really give any advantage
How difficult is your idea to implement? (1-10) 1 or 2
about 1 month ago

Description: Top Voter Monthly reward the idea is pretty simple give the top 1 or top 3 voters a unique reward for putting effort and time to help wilder to grow up in the mc list the top voters can be seen in the page like in this screenshoot or coding something to see them?
How does this idea keep in line with Wildercraft themes? We do have weekly reward so..
How difficult is your idea to implement? (1-10) No idea

3 months ago

I honestly love to have enderman in the end, It makes the fight more interesting plus we can get epearls while fighting to teleport to the ground when the dragon makes you levitate. Enderman is essential in the fight.100
3 months ago

I was thinking something like this plugin it can be edited and remove the rollback ability for players and its easy to use

Updated plugin:
3 months ago