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I've done a fair amount of dungeon runs (IMO) and something that always bugs me is that when mobs are in the tall grass, it makes it impossible to kill them since the grass is hit, but cannot be destroyed.

Players will enjoy this more because it makes certain dungeon run situations less stressful (I've almost died or died many times to this).

It enhances WilderCraft because it makes dungeon runs more enjoayble for all.

I would rate this a 2/10 just because it might be tedious to go through all the preset rooms and remove the tall grass.
4 months ago

After reading this post, and seeing that False saying that it won't be implemented, I came up with a new PvP idea. Rather than having the owners set certain PvP areas, we can have players be able to turn on PvP in their claims so that they can create their own PvP arenas.

Now don't worry, you won't just stumble into some player's claim and get jumped. There can be an invisible barrier of sorts, that can only be bypassed if you type a command (such as /enterpvp) to make sure you want to enter the area. All items will stay locked to the player upon death.

This can create some very interesting community made PvP mini-games and allow players to experience PvP, something that has long been requested.
6 months ago

Hey all, it's JJ_G4M3R.

I started playing MC roughly 7 years ago and played for 2 years before quiting. I started MC again a few weeks ago, got bored of solo, and decided to join a vanilla server: WilderCraft!

I'm the resource and redstone manager of Sanctuary Town, which was founded by Kymolder. If you need any items or help (clearing land, digging holes, etc.), let me know if you see me online. I will see what I can do to help you.

P.S. I sometimes let swears drop (oops), so just warn me and remind me to keep it PG if you see me doing it.
6 months ago