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                                   *My Favorite Time in Wildercraft*
                                            **Very Long Story FYI**

    The most fun and memorable part of Wildercraft for would have to be season 4. It was a time that really changed my friends and me. Has Jason mentioned a few posts up, we started a small base in a desert/savannah village, more of a pre-base, to collect materials before we started our actually base/city elsewhere. What started out as three or four friends from our real life, turned into 11 overnight, many thanks to word of mouth amongst friends. Very quickly this small temp base became a mini fortress in the desert surrounded by cacti. We decided on naming our clan the Cacti Crusaders because it fit nicely with our surroundings, and was funny. Of course this little village could not hold all of us and we needed to find an actual place to call home. Jason decided to do some scouting to find the perfect home for Cacti Crusaders, he did not fail his brethren. 
    What he found was a perfect place near a jungle, river, dark oak forest, plains, and normal forest. It was a perfectly diverse place for the different builders we had. Unfortunately it was 20,000 blocks away from the Cacti hold, but we were a strong clan who would make the journey non the less. We decided we would move after the first dragon fight of the season because, as you could image, we obtain an obscene amount of loot over the course of two weeks. Waiting till after the dragon fight meant we would go raiding/plundering the end looking for her cities, not only for the armor and elytra, but we needed the shulker shells for storage for easier transport to our new homeland.
    While we waited for the the end to officially open, which was I believe three to four days, I decided to see if we could find a stronghold nearby and open it so we wouldn't have to travel back to spawn (5,000 blocks to the east) to get into the end. Jason during the mean time was making a secret pass through a nether portal to the new location to cut our travel distance from 20,000 to about 2,500. To much success, we managed to get a portal opened to the end, which was only 100 or so blocks from Cacti base, and have a safe passage through the fiery dimension to the other side before the slaying of the dragon.
    Right away after going through the end portal we were on our way to find glory for clan. We started off in a group of five trying to stay away from others, due to finding cities raided by others. After a good amount of time we ended up splitting up, not intentionally, and went into groups of two going in different directions. The clan member I was with ended up falling into the void after awhile, losing all of their earnings of the recent raids. This left me all alone for the time being, knowing that if i die, i would die alone. However out of some dumb luck, I was able to somehow meet back up with the other members of our raid party. We made off with a few stacks of shulker shells and were now ready for our journey.
    Due to the small secret path made in the Nether, our horses and other pets could not pass through. It was hard leaving them knowing how long it took to find the perfect ones and also having to breed a few of them. Sadly enough we had to say our goodbyes and we were telling them we would return someday. It wasn't only sad leaving the animals, but our starter home as well. A lot was changed since we first encountered the village. We made it into our home, a place where we felt safe and knew we could rely on. Nonetheless the journey in front of us was needed, a long one, but needed.
    The journey hit the Crusaders harder then we thought it would. A few didn't want to leave because that was their home, and some others because they didn't want to take the journey. Seeing how Jason and I were both the top leaders and most respected, only the loyal ones made the journey with us. As for the others, they didn't make it and they weren't heard from again (in game that is). Because of the shulker boxes we obtained, we were able to make the journey in under one trip for each of us, instead of a few time. We also decided to leave our base as it was, meaning we didn't take anything down, just taking our stuff out of the chests. We wanted to see how well our base would hold up against time and to make it an outpost for new travelers.
    When arriving at our new homeland, the environment was much different than what we were use to. There were lot of trees and everything was green. It was like new life to our new home and we couldn't wait to start making it feel more like home. Picking a spot to build, however, took a lot of time. Others adapted and built fast knowing what they wanted. Me, however, I take building a little more serious and needed to have a plan or some idea to pick a spot. Luckily a Crusader, who I was going to live with, found a spot right next to the jungle by a lake. It was perfect and so the planning began.
    Our once proud clan at this point went from 11 down to a core 5 and occasionally we would see two others. Our numbers were shrinking, but we were still fighting strong and everything was going well, or so we thought. One of our clan members, our own Cacti Crusader was found guilty of X-ray. At first we believed that the mods were mistaken because he wasn't the type of person to do that. What is the point of X-raying, it makes it no fun at all. So we did investigating on our own and went into the mines he was in to see what we could find. low and behold we found what looked like X-ray, so we lost a member (keep in mind that X-ray was permanent banned at the time). It made sense why they would say in chat "I hate when I try go to mine stone, but all I find are diamonds." then later a message would appear and he would die in lava. It happened a few times and the last words he said before he was banned was "The lava never showed up on the map." This incident hit our clan hard and it was almost the end of us, but it was also the beginning of something new.
    With his ban all but three of us really were around. It was a quiet time, mainly focused on finding things we haven't really done like finding mansions or ocean monuments or just building. After awhile one of our clan members came back, and this would spark our dimly lit fire into a roaring pit of flames. This was the highlight of Wildercraft for all of us at the time. It was the Golden Age of the Cacti Crusaders. It gave us attention by mods were were already skeptical of us, due to our previous member being banned. It may sound like a bad thing, but because of the we made really good friends with them. On top of that a glorious book was made from the ashes of our fallen, and made into the pinacol of what we stood for and how much fun we have had on the server. This book was well known by the staff and is still talked about to this day. It has become a legend and reminder of what once was. This book is known as "Aggrievance."
    Because of Aggrievance we were able to make new friends. Abbie being one of them. This lead to us making meme houses and having a lot of fun on the server in a way we didn't expect. It also helped to actually finish a build and to make others as well, because now others can see it too. The Cacti Crusaders live on through this book, though our paths may have drifted apart for season 5, we will always know where we started.
16 days ago

     *Back Story*
    Before I joined Wildercraft I was a solo player. I always had ideas about building new things and always had a story to go with it. I was never able to finish most of my building projects, due to the massive size, and would get bored of Minecraft after awhile. I always wanted to finish my buildings and would go back to play from time to time, but still couldn't finish. I guess I didn't have too much motivation to complete it, knowing I will be the only person that would ever see it. Also, since I had the idea in my head, I already knew how it was going to turn out. 

    So off a whim, I decided to joined Wildercraft, about two years ago halfway into season 3, just to see how a survival server was. It was the top recommended among survival servers, so it couldn't be bad. I didn't expect to stay, I just wanted to look around and explore. I was going to play until I had my fill of fun here, I guess it never ended. Right away after joining players and staff welcomed me, which was a surprise I wasn't expecting. Still I wasn't planning on staying because I am a solo player who likes to explore. However three days later I started climbing the ranks, making a base, and a name for myself. I stayed because I love survival Minecraft, how friendly and helpful everyone was and still is, and how easily it is to make new friends here. This is why I Love Wildercraft! ♥♥♥

16 days ago

If you want to come visit, just let me know when you see me in game. :) ♥
24 days ago

Oh yeah you betchya. My Minecraft name is HylianAssassin2, currently it is HylianFroppy until the end of season 5. I am a Helper in Wildercraft. I am from the great state of Minnesota dont ya know, almost Canadian eh. (Also my skin looks like that due to it not showing clothes on my character. This will also change after season 5.)

Likes: I like sitting on a lake in a house starring at a frozen hole waiting for fish to say hello. making igloos and riding moose
           I like to wave at complete strangers because we are all good neighbors here, everyone is polite.
           I also enjoy eating hot dishes and playing duck duck grey duck.

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