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How to set up a shop
  1. For a peddler chest (one single shop chest) you need to be Peddler rank or higher, for a Pathfinder chest (a shop chest in the warehouse plus a peddler chest) you need to be Pathfinder or higher, for a normal sized plot (9x11) you need to be Mythic rank or higher, and for an Ancient shop plot (14x14) you need to be Ancient rank.
  2. Read the shop rules located at the bottom of this guide.
  3. Pick a plot or chest.
  4. Ask a mod or helper who is online if you can have a shop.
  5. Once you own a plot or chest you have 3 days to build and stock it or it will be given to someone else.

Shop Sign format:

    Line 1: $

    Line 2: The item that you are selling
    Line 3: The price of your item. (2 diamonds = 2 d , 2 emeralds = 2 e , 1 gold = 1 g , 1 iron = 1 i, 5 diamond blocks = 5 db , 5 emerald blocks = 5 eb , 5 gold blocks = 5 gb, and 5 iron blocks = 5 ib)
    Line 4: Leave this line blank 

Shop Rules:

If any of these are broken your shop may be removed.
  1. You are allowed 12 shop chests and 3 non shop chests + non shop signs per shop. Be aware that players can open non shop chests and remove items.*
  2. The build height limit for your shop is 16 blocks from ground level.*
  3. After 30 days of the owner of the shop not being online or the shop not being stocked the shop will be removed.
  4. Mythics and up may only have one shop per player. If you are sharing a shop with another player you cannot have your own as well. Players who share a plot must also be the correct rank (Mythic and up).
  5. You are allowed one hopper per shop. No major redstone is allowed such as redstone clocks, complicated piston doors, or long musical notes. 
  6. No beacons or nether portals allowed in shops.
  7. No excessive excavation of shop plots such as digging all the way down to bedrock.
  8. No reselling allowed. This means you cannot buy another shop's stock and then sell it as your own. No selling ender pearls from the public enderman farm. But currency exchange is ok(Emeralds, Diamonds, Gold, Iron).
  9. No item frames or armour stands in shops.
  10. Shops must be built in the Wildercraft style (rustic and natural, not modern).
  11. No shulkers or double chests.
  12. You have 3 days to build and stock your shop after you have been given it.
  13. You are allowed one pet per shop but it cannot be a hostile mob.
  14. You are only allowed to change your chest or plot once per month.
*Shop Rules for Ancient Plots:
  1. You are allowed 24 shop chests + 6 non shop chests and signs. 
  2. The build height limit for your shop is 24 blocks from ground level.
5 months ago

Hello i am GoldenFlame my in game name is GoldenFlame_ but just call me Flame. and i am from England. I have played on the server since a month or so before the end of S2.

I Like; disigning and making things, Sailing, Table Tennis, Swimming, Gaming, Watching movies and films,
I Dislike; Hackers >:( , people how have nothing nice to say, 
Plans for the future: To be a Mechanical/Design Engineer
6 months ago