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I love making custom landscapes, mostly fantasy. I love building cliffs, either underground or aboveground, depending on the project. Often I don't intend to make anything big, then suddenly change my mind and go for something big. 
I would also love to build organics, but I'm still learning to do those and they don't always end up the way the are supposed to.

Some things I've done on this and other servers:
5 months ago

This area still seems a little empty, so I guess I'll start off with the first post ;D
L1nx_, RedMedic and I are working on a private village. It's still a big WIP but I guess it's coming along. Up till now, we have a fully completed manual tree farm, a working, but not yet decorated, crop farm and the foundations of the main tree.

The tree farm:

Here is the entire thing:

It has two parts to it;

The actual farm:

and a kind of chill area (no idea what to call it):

The "house" might be reworked, but this is how it currently looks from the inside:
6 months ago