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I also love David Attenborough! It’s actually a tradition of mine to watch anything he narrates when I first move into a new place while I am unpacking. 

I don’t believe we’ve run into each other on the server (could be a time zone thing) but hopefully we do soon! 

5 months ago

Hello all!

I am a 27 year old professional student, currently pursuing my PhD in medieval art history. 

My research takes priority in my life so I don't have too much down time for games but I do try and make time for my basic favourites; Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Sims, and the Nancy Drew series by Her Interactive. I spend the rest of my down time reading sci-fi and mystery/thriller books, and watching re-runs of 80s and 90s television shows. 

My username is a Latin phrase meaning "Owl's Wife" which is a sort of inside joke between myself and my SO whose last name means owl. I design my skins myself and they often change depending on the season, personal preference, or major haircuts. They are usually accurately representative of myself at the time that I'm playing. My default skin usually has me wearing a gold Star Trek command shirt because I'm a huge Trekkie. I've been watching OS and TNG since I was 4 years old with my Momma and we still bond over the show. I also make Star Trek banners on the servers I play on and consider the gold/yellow one my calling card. 

Looking forward to talking to you all on the server!

LLAP! vulcan

6 months ago