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Hello fellow WilderCraft players. We're here to proudly announce a music night! What's music night you ask? It's a night where you join and meet up with other players to play PG rated songs, to relax and have a great time. Music night starts at 9PM to 2AM EST every Saturday night, so have your favorite songs ready and hope you all enjoy this fun night. Please take the time to read the rules and regulations for more information.

1. Make sure the songs are PG rated. If you're not sure if it's child friendly, please refrain from playing the song.
2. No playlists please, let others get a chance to play their songs.
3. No talking, we're all here to listen and have fun.
4. Any genre is fine. Just make sure it's PG rated.
5. Keep songs under 5 minutes. We don't wanna keep others from playing their songs.
6. Overall, have fun :)"
4 months ago

I'm now curious as to what the "Aggrievance" book is about. But anyways, love your story Hylian, I'm glad you had a fun time in season 4, and the current season as well :)
6 months ago

Before Starting WilderCraft, I spent my years in several large and small raiding and economy servers, but they never seemed to satisfy me, and they've all shut down. On late August, I decided to try out some survival servers, and WilderCraft was one of them. While I wasn't welcomed or given the help I needed, the economy is what caught my interest. Thought those weeks, I gained several ranks and I first got the shop command. Thanks to that, I met some wonderful people. One of them was bluewinterforest, and I remember the first hug he gave me. While I was confused for a moment, his love for hugs inspired me to welcome people back to the server, and to help them get on their feet. I eventually joined the Discord server where I got to meet more people. AbbieisHiding messaged me one day to become a helper. Honored, I accepted the offer, and that help me become more sociable and helpful for the server. I eventually became a mod that helped me strenghten my responsibilities. But out of all the things that happened was the day I met daisyghost. While we didn't got to know each other at first, I can honestly say that she's the nicest person I've met thought my years of playing Minecraft. Her love and positivty is what inspired me to become the best mod and player I could ever be, and I thank her for that. She even gave me a lovely Valentine's gift, and her letter made me cry to be honest, lol. It felt like I belonged in a real community and I thank her for that, and to every other player that's appreciated my help and kindness. Thank you redbau for being the best mod and friend that I've ever met and thank you bluewinterforest, AbbieisHiding and daisyghost for helping me get to where I am today. I couldn't have done this without your help. And thank you everyone for being the best and nicest players in a Minecraft community! Love and Hugs!

6 months ago