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A player mentioned they had not gotten any of the new drops from the Wilderspade update. I tested the spade with fortune and the one with silk each on a stack of sand, dirt, and gravel and also got no drops. 

Priority and Severity:

Original report was on Willow

Steps to Reproduce:
Use a Wilderspade on dirt, gravel, and sand.

Expected Outcome:
The new drops of gp, redstone, or glowstone.
Actual Outcome:
The Wilderspade acted the same as a normal shovel.

about 1 month ago

I really lime this idea. I have seen many players offering jobs and this would be a great way for them to advertise jobs. I have also seen a lot of players asking if there are jobs they can do. I believe this goes along with our survival spirit as players are still working to get things this way. This also adds to the community feel we have by bringing players together working on projects. 
about 1 month ago